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Aug 16, 2014 01:01 PM

thankgiving bergen county

Looking for a place with a "traditional" thanksgiving feel for fourteen of us (6 between 6 and 13).We would like it to be within 1/2 hour of Bergen county. Price is not the issue. So many have food preferences, it would be good if there was not a straight thanksgiving, i.e., turkey /cranberry/ sweet potato, one choice for everyone meal.

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    We did this for several years with extended family. The time is allocated, but they can accommodate a party of 14. Maybe a little more than 30 min outside of Bergen County.

    1. So you are looking for a "traditional" thanksgiving feel provided it does not include any of the "straight thanksgiving" accoutrements... Chendu23 in Wayne?

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          To quote the OP, "We would like it to be within 1/2 hour of Bergen county." Wayne would certainly apply.

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            I was trying to be about Chengdu 23 is not going to provide a * traditional * Thanksgiving feel....nor Turkey, for that matter.

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              I think that pretty well covers it.

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          not that it doesn't include, just that it is not solely. For example, for vegetarians, or non-poultry people.

        3. With the 1st exception, I guess "helpful" isn't necessarily considered SOP here for responses. I think the OP meant only 1 type of offering in each traditional category. From my experience, you get what you get when you eat out on turkey day. Like the restaurant suddenly became incapable of making more than the prix fixe menu.
          Sorry I can't be of more help with suggestion. What ebchower posted looks just right.

          1. Amanda's in Hoboken. Wonderful setting, excellent food, very good service. They usually offer four different choices, one of which is the traditional roast turkey. The others may be seafood, pasta, vegetarian etc. They validate parking at a nearby parking garage. Just a lovely experience all around.
            Although it's way too soon for the Thanksgiving menu to be up on their site, if you do a Google search for it, you may find an old one posted somewhere.

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              Thanks, at least something to check out.