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Aug 16, 2014 12:34 PM

Hatch chiles 2014

Mentioned this on the bay area board, but for those of us in the CV, Raley's in Merced (and presumably other valley branches of Raley's) has green hatch chiles at 99 cents a lb today. Labeled 'hot'.

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  1. Vons, Albertsons, Save Mart in Bakersfield and Sprouts in Fresno also have advertised.

    1. Merced Raley's now has both hot and mild for 99 cents a lb. Watch your checker when ringing them up to be sure he or she knows chiles: mine rung up today's batch as Pasillas which cost twice as much per pound. (she cheerfully corrected it immediately when I pointed out the error).

      I already roasted last week's batch and can verify that they were indeed hot. Today I bought some of each.