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Best St Louis bbq for dinner?

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A little more than a year ago I benefited from excellent advice from St Louis Chowhounders re my visit to Wash U with my son. Long story short, we're dropping him off there next week to start his freshman year. My wife and I will be there with his little sister and him for two nights. I figured we would try Pastaria for dinner one night (no reservations, right? - is there likely to be a wait for four people around 7pm on a weeknight?). We'd like to have bbq the second night, but it looks like Pappy's isn't open at dinner and Bogart's closes at 7pm. We really enjoyed Sugarfire on our last visit. Is that the best alternative for bbq at dinnertime? I think I saw that Sugarfire opened a second location - if so, which would you recommend. Thanks - again - in advance for your help.

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  1. We've gone to Pappy's for dinner over the years. Get there on the early side (by 6:30) and there is a fast-moving line. Yes, they may be out of something. But if they don't have ribs we eat brisket and pulled pork, and vice versa.

    Sugarfire's website says the same thing: "Until we sell out." I don't know if they do.

    Remember, BBQ keeps very well, and it doesn't have to be hot to be delicious. I'm sure all of these places know how to pack their food well. You could have dinner or snacks in your hotel room.

    Have you had St. Louis pizza and toasted ravioli? In Clayton, just west of Wash U., there is Manhattan Cafe, on the west side of Hanley at Wydown. Great St. Louis-style thin-crust pizza with provel cheese, good toasted ravioli, and a good St. Louis italian salad.

    Have a good visit, and don't helicopter your freshman. I was put on a plane with a suitcase and a couple of boxes (stereo) and was better off on my own -- and it was my birthday weekend.

    1. haven't tried the new Salt + Smoke in the Delmar loop, but it is close to campus. the RFT's capsule early comments sounded good.