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Aug 16, 2014 12:07 PM

Ideas needed: beets for someone who hates beets

I bought a bunch of beets with plans to roast them and serve them simply seasoned...olive oil, salt, and maybe pepper. Buuut then I found out that my husband tried them once and hated them. Any suggestions for husband's-mind-changing ways to incorporate these into the menu?

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  1. I know this combo is trite at this point, but I'd make a salad with goat cheese and a balsamic dressing.
    Also quick pickle them.

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    1. re: monavano

      it's still good! I am not the world's biggest beet fan, but like them with goat cheese. Something sour really helps I think.
      And candied walnuts *never* hurts.

    2. Was your husband's unhappy experience with plain, cooked beets, or with pickled beets? If he's only tried one of these, perhaps he might like the other.

      And then there's the UK ways with beetroot, as they call it:

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        Absolutely agree with this. I hated beetroot since it was part of my compulsory school meals, aged five (five!!) when pickled beetroot was served every Monday and we had to eat it. I never tried it again till about four years ago when I had it raw in a salad. A revelation! Now I often make a beetroot and carrot salad with a citrus dressing. It also does make a chocolate cake really moist, without making it in any way taste of beetroot.
        One thing however, I only use small beetroots as they get a bit woody when larger. We grow them, something my five year old self would be horrified to find out! And I still can't even think about eating pickled beetroot.

      2. Hate is a powerful word. Did he eat the canned variety? My guess is he didn't like them all that much, but hate? I doubt it. I agree a nice salad of mixed greens and peppery arugala and some goat cheese and radishes cukes and tomatoes might take the edge off. I love a great beet salad.

        My husband hated fish when we met many years ago. He is now a seafood junkie.

        I don't have a recipe, but once had an amazing beet risotto.

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        1. re: Bellachefa

          Plus 1 on the risotto. It looks spectacular and tastes great. Fine on its own, dotted with feta or goat's cheese, or as a side to cold meats.

          I peel, dice, and simmer (30 minutes, in not too much chicken or veg stock) beets, and use the resulting red potful to make a simple risotto.

          Something similar:

          Errrr....When you next visit the bathroom you might think you have suffered kidney failure!

        2. DH didn't like beets too much, but I started roasting gorgeous golden beets, and now he loves them.

          1. I think you should roast them as planned, and see what he thinks. A shot of balsamic vinegar would perhaps lighten the earthiness that some people object to. And, I know that roasting brings out a wonderful sweetness that he may not have tried. You may change his mind, and if not, you can try pickling the leftovers for a 2nd try. I love cold beet soup, made with some potatoes, onions, garlic, broth, then pureed and swirled with some sour cream. Delicious hot or cold. And, if you have nice greens on your beets, steam them and serve like spinach.