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Aug 16, 2014 11:43 AM

What AC restaurant will you miss most?

I love the steaks at American Cut. So I cast the first vote there, followed by closely by at least three other good choices at Revel.

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  1. I think most of the estaurants at the Revel were very good. We always enjoyed them. Azure, Amada and Distrito were our favorites.

    1. I'll miss the Belgian beer selection at the Mussel Bar.

      1. American Cut, no doubt. Perfect in every way. Great steaks, deep cellar, engaging service and the amped up vibe! Going next weekend for a final Tomahawk.

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        1. re: Foody4life

          As of Thursday they were still in talks with potential buyers.

        2. I loved Amada! I will have to travel to Philly.....

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          1. Someone will buy Revel...once it is closed for a few months. Im going on the record saying Trump. Close the Plaza b/c its a dump and buy a sweet new Billion dollar casino for pennies on the dollar.

            Seems to be Trumps business model

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            1. re: tommygphotos

              Trump has nothing to do with Trump Plaza anymore. He's suing to get his name off of it and the Taj Mahal.

              1. re: ebchower

                No matter who owns it, Trump Plaza is closing in September