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Aug 16, 2014 11:25 AM


Trying out Marcello’s tonight. Saw the article in The Advocate after we made reservations. Anyone have any must-eats at this newish Italian restaurant?

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  1. I went to Gene's joint in Baton rouge some years ago and always enjoyed of Charles Brandt's boys was working there at the time and he'd do stuff like sweetbreads. I have not been to the New Orleans version but I can tell you than Gene knows his stuff. And he is a good, honest, cynical sort. Don't say I said that.

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      The report from last night was good. The renovation is really nice and I love the gimmick of shopping the wine racks for reasonably priced wines. There were plenty to choose from in the $25-$50 price range as well as a good selection of higher end wines. When ordering white, they swap it out for a cold one from the back. One hiccup was that we were with a group of ten and ordered a magnum of champagne for $85 and they had to chill it. Took about thirty minutes. The menu is pretty small, lots of traditional Sicilian specialties like Veal Parm, Veal marsala and Chicken Piccata, as well as meatball and spaghetti, etc. We started with a bunch of apps- calamari (average and a little pricey at $14), a charcuterie board, eggplant rotini and truffle mac and cheese (standout dish). I had the Veal Norma which was an eggplant and veal balsamic reduction with spaghetti. It was good, not great. My friend had the meatballs and he was really disturbed by the fact that they it was really spaghetti bolagnese, but I thought it tasted great. The veal parm was good. According to others, the frutti de mar was average, the spaghetti and clams were very good and my wife’s seafood alfredo was good. The prices were pretty reasonable overall and we really enjoyed sitting at the big table in the center of the main dining room. The bar area looks cool and it was crowded all night. All in all, I’d return, but I wasn’t overly impressed.

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        I think if you establish yourself there you'll be pleased at what Gene can do when the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord falls upon him. All restaurants are, in truth, two places. One that you see on the casual visit and another when you are there enough to see behind the scenes.