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Aug 16, 2014 09:54 AM

Cartozzo's French Bread

Greetings! I was in our nearby Kroger store the other day, and they had a display of bread from a bakery called Cartozzo's in Kenner. I had never heard of it before so I picked some up on a whim. Heated it in the oven and to my surprise it was really, really good! In fact I have put a roast on so that we might have some po-boys made with it tonight!

Anyway, I looked on line and did a search on here without finding much other than their web site. It appeared that they have been selling bread and other stuff to lots of restaurants, but haven't really done the grocery thing. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. News to me but I admit to not really searching out breads...I let friends do the leg work and report. But I've been grieving over the loss of Gendusa's since the storm so I'm glad to have another source suggested.

    1. Since they are wholesalers it makes sense that they can whole sale to someone like Krogers but may not want the hassle of route trucks servicing a hundred mom and pop and chain grocery stores in the N.O. area. And competing against some good local bakers that have the delivery infrastructure.

      I'm sure I've eaten some of their products at local hotels and wedding receptions.

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        But apart from some home-done stuff, is anyone supplying the Big Houses other than Leidenheimer? Remember when we had Gendusa and "Zip" and others? My family used to time arrival at places according to which bread was coming at a certain time. I am not joking...

      2. We live in Jackson, MS and any place that sells po-boys here uses Gambino's, and usually sells the bread by itself. The only bread that the Kroger stocked from New Orleans was Binders, and they also had some store made loaves that were passable.

        But this Catozzo's stuff seems way better. Their web site says they have been around 80 years, so I would have thought that they would have been at least known to me!

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          Fascinating. My grandmother, born in 1882, made locally famous bread. She died in 1979 and had not practiced her art for many years. Her friends always said that they knew when she'd not kneaded the bread. She lived on North Street near Fortification/

          There you are....

        2. She didn't own the big White House on the northeast corner of that intersection, did she? If so, I rented an apartment from her...

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            She had three, just off the corner. The second to the end of the block was a big white one.

          2. This house was huge. At the time we lived there, the upstairs had two apartments, her and her son lived on the main floor and there were 4 or 5 studio apartments on the bottom. Sound familiar?

            At any rate, going back to the bread, I just enjoyed my second roast beef po-boy on the stuff and both were magnificent! A couple of minutes in the oven is all it takes!