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Aug 16, 2014 09:32 AM

Looking for Duck Confit and Old-School Atmosphere in Montreal..

Hello. I'm visiting Montreal from NYC for the first-time and looking to treat my husband somewhere with good duck confit and good cocktails in a charming, old-school atmosphere. It does not need to be fancy. Does Lemeac fit the bill for that? Or is there somewhere else to suggest?

We're staying around Mile End, but happy to travel to another 'hood.

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  1. Beaver hall downtown currently have duck confit on their menu... And for old school atmosphere it's hard to beat

    1. Old-school French and good cocktails don't really go hand-in-hand. Perhaps you should split that up into two stops. Petit Plateau has some of the best confit in Montreal, you should check if it 's on the menu before going. Lemeac will do fine as will L'Express. Most bistro-brasserie-type places will have duck or goose confit as it is the sort of classic French dish people expect to see their menu.

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        Yes, and Le Petit Plateau is a bring your own wine, so a special bottle. Snack Happy, I'm not much on cocktails; do you have any ideas of a good cocktails bar on their way from Mile End?

        Is Baldwin Barmacie any good?

        1. re: lagatta

          I agree with these recommendations - L'Express or Laloux if you want a place that feels particularly old-school, but cocktails will not be a priority at either. Lemeac is fine but it's never been my favourite.

          I was impressed with Baldwin's for the first time ever yesterday, but there are a few other decent cocktail bars in the area these days. Both 5295 Parc and Bar Kabinet feel like they might fit the bill as they have that 1930s Casablanca hotel lobby kinda feel, and both are turning out some pretty good drinks.

          1. re: Fintastic

            I wasn't impressed by Baldwin last time I went there. I would suggest supper at l'express with a nice wine with cocktails at Big in Japan Bar ( not the restaurant). Old school french brasserie finished with cocktails in what feels like a speakeasy bar?

      2. For old-school ambiance and good cocktails I recommend Taverne Square Dominion ( downtown. Duck confit is their Thursday special on their daytime menu (until 4:30, but if you call ahead they might be able to put some aside for you if you want it at dinnertime).