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Aug 16, 2014 09:18 AM

Input on Capri itinerary appreciated :)

Hi everyone -

Headed to Capri for my first time next week and wanted to get advice on the following itinerary (cobbled together through all the lovely Capri CH posts) :)

Friday (arriving at around 3pm)
- Late lunch at Aurora
- Dinner at Gemma

- Lunch and beach club at La Fontelina
- Dinner at Il Gernanio

- Boat trip with lunch at La Scoglio
- Dinner at Mamma

- Beach club and lunch at Lido del Faro
- Dinner at Da Gelsomina

- Beach club and lunch at Il Riccio?

Some specific questions
- Is Il Riccio worth it? Seems to get some mixed reviews around quality vs. price...
- Any must-do eats missing? Should we have lunch there instead and of at the beach clubs?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

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  1. Apologies, dinner instead now at Da Giorgio instead of Da Gemma (just found out that it is now Mamma)

    1. Double check that Aurora is serving food at 3:00pm. Many restaurants close from 3-8.

      I love Il Fontellina and Il Faro.

      I find after a big beach lunch I am not hungry for a big sit down dinner. We often have a drink in the Piazzetta and then a pizza at Lo Sfizio Via Tiberio, 7E

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        Thanks for flagging! You are completely right - we just moved our Aurora reservation to dinner instead. Any recs for a casual late lunch?