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Aug 16, 2014 08:00 AM

Good King Tavern

Going tonight for the first time. Anyone been recently? Recommendations? Thanks.

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    1. re: lowereastrittenhouse

      Thanks. Had to look up that one. Sounds delicious.

    2. I'm probably responding too late for your visit tonight, but here goes. We have favorites we order every time. Grilled octopus appetizer and duck confit entree are always excellent.

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      1. re: carnicero

        Thanks. We really liked the place. Had a very good sidecar, followed by socca, fava and maitake mushroom tartine(which was a bit of a surprise as it was on baguette slices), pea croquettes and steak frites. The only dish we weren't crazy about was the tartine. Two glasses of wine (rose and picpoul) and a Kronenberg plus a very rich pot de creme topped with a hazelnut brittle and good cafe filtre brought the bill to a reasonable $82 before tax and tip. We loved the service and the atmosphere (great music selections and ambience). We will return.