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Aug 16, 2014 03:54 AM

Where to park for Marche Jean Talon?

We're looking for recs on where to park our car. We'll be there on a Saturday at 8am "ish". We'd like easy access since we will shop, drop off items, shop and visit the surrounding area (maybe shop) and drop off some more.
We'll have checked out of our hotel by then already.

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  1. Itryalot, I think your best bet is simply springing for the paid parking right there.

    7070 Henri-Julien Avenue
    Montréal, Québec H2S 3S3

    Corner of Henri-Julien and Jean-Talon

    Saturday 7 - 18h

    Underground and outdoor parkings for 410 cars. Tariffs: 0-30 min 0,50$; 31-60 min 1,50$; 61-90 min 2,00$.

    If you get there as early as you are planning, there should be no trouble parking.

    I live very close by, but I don't drive so perhaps someone who does will have other tips. On other days you could park on Alma just south of the market, next to Parc Dante, but there are so many weddings in the summer on Saturdays There are no parking vignettes south of Beaubien on St-Dominique, but that is a long haul with groceries.

    Shops in Little Italy (St-Laurent and side streets), the boulangerie Le Pain dans les voiles, the Southeast Asian shops on St-Denis north and south of Jean-Talon, North African shops on Jean-Talon are all a short walk away.

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      Thanks; I think I'll look for the outdoor parking there. I am OK with paying for parking. I pay when I'm in Toronto too or any oher large city.