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Aug 15, 2014 10:06 PM

How to prep and grill a flat iron roast

I just bought a roast, which is the top and bottom flatiron steaks connected by that middle layer of connective tissue. It's about 12" long and 4" wide. Starts about 2" thick but tapers to about 3/4" at the end. My plan is to grill these as steaks. What is the best approach?

1) grill it as is, which seems like I'm stuck with that tissue
2) separate the top and bottom steaks? Can I just sort of rip them off (like pulling the skin off of fish) or do I need to cut with a knife, which seems like I'd have a decent amount of wastage?
3) just cut the whole thing into 1" thick sections, comprised of the top and bottom steak and then a layer of sinew in the middle

I think options 2 and 3 are likely easiest to grill and yield the best result. 2) seems optimal but more difficult since I need to separate the steaks myself unless people tell me it's easy 3) seems like it would work ok but then I can't exactly slice the steaks post- cooking and present nicely since I'll have already cut the grain short.

I know, I'm way overthinking it... I usually do ny strip or ribeye. But I just had a flat iron steak in bend, Oregon and it was amazing. And price wise it can't be beat. Just want to make sure I do this cut full justice my first time cooking it!

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  1. #2 and use a Knife and it is easy, much like fileting a Fish.

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      I ended up doing a hybrid... By making kabobs with the middle sinew removed. But I kept the middle section and grilled those up for myself, because I love sinew. The kabobs were a huge hit and my special pieces were right up my alley. Gotta say, flatiron may be becoming my favorite steak, given its ability to straddle tender while still retaining some chew. It's also almost impossible to over cook given the marbling.

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        I agree it is a really nice piece of Beef for the Money.

        1. re: chefj

          Totally. Yeah, didn't mention price but that is always part of the equation... A prime flatiron roast runs $8.99 per pound with fantastic marbling. A prime ribeye from the same store runs $19.99. And the yield on the roast into usable steaks is nearly 100%!

    2. A flatiron roast more commonly goes by the name, upper blade roast.

      That center tendon is tough as nails. Best to remove it. Then you will have two nice steaks which you can prepare as you wish

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        So I'm addicted to this steak and have a roast each of the last3 weekends. I've found that if you cut into 1" steaks, the tendon actually cooks nicely... Still a bit chewy but very tender. This steak is amazing. Never gets tough and great flavor.