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Aug 15, 2014 08:56 PM

Feedback on Golden China

i havent been to many places in SGV...lately only going to Sea Harbour for the dim sum and my favorite dish, their pan fried noodles(little tubes ive never seen before) but i was strongly recommended to go to Golden China in Row Hts for their hand shaved noodles...anyone been there? any other dishes to try that arent too exotic? def not "stinky tofu" which apparently is a specialty...thoughts?

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  1. i was going to suggest a dark blue tablecloth, but i was intrigued enough to do a quick search and discover that the place has gotten no mention on CH. googling the place produced one non-yelp type review on this blog:

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      thats a pretty positive review but actually we decided on Hong Kong Fish Ball House, a small joint with a walk up window and a few outside tables...considering how perfectly crunchy, and non-greasy the squid were, I would eat there if it were in a garbage strewn we were living, an incredibly friendly owner spoke to us and was very interested and pleased we came out from Santa Monica...i overheard her tell this to her partner/husband? who also seemed quite pleased..i will be back! PS....check out the item priced at $3.75 and tell me if anyone has tried it! and next excellent bowl of med wide, flat hand cut noodles at partner in this SGValley food caper was very happy with his beef nooodle soup...he got the large/wide flat noodle...looked great!

    2. Are you talking about the place inside Ranch 99?

      If so, I find nothing remarkable about it. Nor unremarkable, actually.

      To me, this is like going to Joe's when, within a 2 mile radius you are surrounded by Mozza, Mother's Dough, Settebello, Ortica, Milo&Olive, Olio's, Sotto, etc

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        yes ipsedixit, that was the original rec but after the great squid we improvised and went to Malan...sounds like it was a good move!