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Aug 15, 2014 08:29 PM

Fresh ravioli?

Looking for markets with great ravioli. Not a big fan of Rafetto's offerings that I've picked up at Fairway, and while Citarella (on the UWS) has respectable selections, curious if there's anything better. Particularly fond of mushroom ravioli, but open to anything - mainly looking for light, delicate pasta texture. Thanks!

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    1. Giovanni Ranna at Chelsea Market has a nice selection of housemade fresh/dried pastas. I can't say I've ever bought ravioli, but they have it on their menu so they must make them. You can call to see if they have them. The pastas I have bought though have all been top notch.

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        seconding piemonte, best I've had in manhattan. if you're willing to make a quick trip to Astoria, Casinelli on 23rd ave is outstanding.

      2. many varieties of deliciously fresh pastas at Agata & Valentina
        79th and First Ave.

        I especially love their spinach and cheese

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          Try DiPalo and Ideal Cheese (First Avenue@52nd Street).

          Or make the trip to the Bronx, to Borgatti.

        2. Rafetto's at Fairway are missing something from what you get direct in the store. Texture and flavor are different.

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            I think that's just due to time. What you get direct was probably made that day, what you get at Fairway might be a week old.

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              Good points definitely, I'll keep the brick-and-mortar Raffetto's in mind.

          2. Try the Agnolotti dal Plin at Eataly, or any other Agnolotti or Ravioli they may have that day