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Aug 15, 2014 02:00 PM

New World Tavern in Plymouth

Has anybody been to this place? It just popped up on my radar and I saw the chef worked at Clio & Uni in Boston before somehow making his way to Plymouth. I wonder if this could be a bright light in the dingy local foodscape?

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  1. I'll answer my own question here - we went here on Saturday night and were sadly disappointed. We got three small plates, a fish tempura and a lamb sausage amongst the three of us. With two beers and a drink the total came out to $100 and we were still hungry at the end. Certain dishes had great flavor - the octopus with garlic confit and potatoes was memorable but it was a thin slice of fingerling potato with a thin slice of octopus on top - about 10 or 12 of those little stacks, which meant it was eaten in about three seconds and it cost $9. Don't get the corn small plate - $8 for one - yes, one - piece of corn on the cob. I think you should go to this place if you want to hear live music and eat stuff like nachos and burgers. We saw other people getting those plates and they looked plenty big. It's a shame the chef's talent isn't being put to good use, though!

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      Bugsey34- sorry to hear about your experience. It seems that things have changed a bit there recently, including the menu and some price increases, and unfortunately food-wise things haven't been what they used to be. My husband and I have been going to NWT for a few years now (we live on the Cape and we would drive the 40 minutes or so each way to go because it was that good, especially in comparison to a lot of lackluster stuff down here). After a few months of hiatus, we went back right around the time that you wrote about your visit, and had a similar experience. There's lots of interesting things on the menu, and the pork belly steam buns are things that I dream about, but with the "new" menu emphasizing small plates, the price went up and it just seems like things aren't quite as good as they were. I'm not sure what has happened because New World was(and okay, probably still is) one of my favorite casual places to go out to eat (great craft beer selection, friendly staff, fresh, interesting, and (when they can) local ingredients... awesome all around). Chef Johnny is very talented (as you listed his past work above) so maybe things are just in a "summer funk" or something.

      Anyway, I would encourage you to give it another shot eventually, maybe after the summer season has died down- there's not too many places in the immediate area that offer what they do, and personally I'd be really bummed out if they went downhill.

      One last thought- if you're ever down on Cape in the Falmouth area, there's a fairly new spot that opened on Main Street- The Bear in Boots Gastropub. Definitely worth checking out.