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Aug 15, 2014 01:30 PM

Best value happy hour in Vancouver

I know it's still early on in the game here but any recommendations on best deals for food and or drink

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  1. I think I saw a $3 drink special at Rogue. I did not partake as they are likely only offering swill.

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    1. re: waylman

      ya I checked in on that one at Rogue and its only half pints so not such a great deal afterall

    2. $5 proper pints of craft beer at Stateside Craft on Commercial Drive. 40 American craft beer to choose from - almost none of it swill. 4-6pm daily.

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      1. re: Florentine

        AFAIK Stateside doesn't do proper 20oz pints. They only pour 14oz sleeves.

        1. re: Florentine

          But yeah, they do have a great list of American craft beers.

          1. re: Florentine

            Not proper pints at all , 14ozs shleeves , a PINT is 20ozs in this country

            1. re: knight

              Hey knight, good to see you around these parts. Agree about the pint size.

            1. re: el_lobo_solo

              wow thanks for the link, kind of a bummer , but maybe not too surprising that most of the places are only offering deals for literally 1 hour, pretty chintzy compared to HH deals in the states, and as mentioned the beer specials never seem to be for full pints, and I'm also not looking to get half price if I have to spend $15 to get it, was hoping for more $5-10 small plates/bar food deals like you get in Seattle or even Bellingham

              1. re: vandan

                Here's another list, none of which I can personally speak to: Dunno what their criteria for best are (the large number of Donnelly group entries makes me wonder) but might be worth a browse.

                I also just read on a local blog that Chewie's has buck a shuck, details here:

            2. Global has an excellent food happy hour. All appetizers and flatbreads half price. Also 50% off all bottles of wine on Wednesdays, can't beat it!

              1. The wife and I popped by Merchant's Oyster Bar on the drive this weekend, and they have oysters at $1.50 per during happy hour and all day Sunday - a few different varieties. Didn't catch what the drink specials were though as we were there Sunday evening.