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Aug 15, 2014 12:53 PM

Le Filet and Mezcla

experienced Montreal eaters want to try something new and wondering about Le Filet and Mezcla. Any thoughts or other recommendations?

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  1. Both are great: one a long-time favourite and the other a recent surprise.

    At Filet make sure to order a soup - I never order soups at restaurants but they make some stunning ones - and the crab risotto.. though I've rarely been disappointed with anything I've ordered. They do the whole shared-plates thing with far more care and planning than any other I've experienced.

    At Mezcla I can't make any suggestions, but it's a nice spot, and a bit more laid-back than Filet. If you're looking to make a choice between the two I might pick Filet, but it will depend on your interests.