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Aug 15, 2014 12:25 PM

Ten days in Verona, September

We shall also be in Verona mid September. And I have sourced a number of dining opportunities I could always benefit from fresh opinions of fellow CHers. Thanks.

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  1. We love Verona and hope you will too. We love the wines of this region and Verona has some particularly good wine bar/restaurants. A small and quiet one is Osteria Le Vecete. Very good, unpretentious and serene. On the "everyone goes here" side is Bottega del Vino which, in spite of being on everyone's list, deserves to be.

    1. Well I hope I'm not to late! It's mid Sept now! Anyways... Here are my suggestions for place to eat.

      *Osteria del Bugiardo
      Corso Porta Borsari
      Great place aperitivo, nice ambiance, but busy.
      *Osteria Dal Cavaliere
      Piazzetta Scala 3
      Love this place, great food, wine, pasta is homemade!
      *Ristorante Greppia
      Vicolo Samaritana 3
      Good place I always sit outside here.

      *Pescheria i Masenini
      Piazzetta Pescheria 9
      Great place for seafood but $$$
      Make Rsv.
      There is another awesome place & it's killing me cause I can't remember the name but it's quite close by to this restaurant. Its on Via sottoriva same side as "il Banco Prosciutteria con cucina" which is also a great place... This resto that I can't remember is on the same side of the street, small place with tables outside just a few doors down. Not cheap per say but very very good. Fish, pasta etc. also on the same street across is "Osteria Verona Antica". Good place for lunch fair prices.

      For lunch for quick and cheap try
      La Piadineria on Via Nizza -yum

      *La Taverna di via Stella
      On via Stella - same street as Nizza (turns into via Stella) going towards the Arena. Authentic classic Veronese Dinner or lunch.

      *Corte Farina
      Via Corte Farina 4
      Nice patio, quiet, food specialità pizza napoletana carne argentina- i know kind of weird but The pizza wasn't bad and I really was loving their empanadas. (When you live there sometimes other types of food sound good) but pizza is good, pasta too, fairly priced.

      If you are brave enough to step out of The center & cross the Adige on Ponte Nuovo...
      REALLY really really good pizza I highly recommend... It's probably my fav in the city.
      *Pizzeria da Salvatore
      Piazza San Tamaso 6
      Its a small place extremely popular among locals. I don't think this place take resv. So either eat early, as Italians don't eat until 8pm or so
      Or be prepared to wait. Also just a few doors down is the BEST granita place!!! They also have good gelato but the granita is fantastic with unique flavors like yellow watermelon :)
      Just walk down a couple doors from Salvatore's make left on Via Santa Maria Rocca Maggiore. Sorry the name escapes me.

      If you want Gelato the safest bet, and it is very good I believe the oldest gelateria in Verona is
      On via Roma very close to the Piazza Brà

      Hope that helps I'm only sorry I didn't see this sooner, but I just joined CH.

      Love to hear how your trip was!


      1. Oh if you want good pizza in the city center

        *Bella Napoli
        Via Marconi
        Very good and no joke you order by the meter!