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Aug 15, 2014 12:04 PM

Bachelorette Foodies on a budget

I need some help finding a good but affordable place to eat that can accommodate 7 people next weekend in the general area of Wrigley Field or Navy Pier (if there is a good spot somewhere else, we can cab it). I tried to get into Cafe Ba-Ba Reeba but they can take such a large group close to the time we need. I was excited about the variety, reputation & prices for a group of mostly foodies. Any other good suggestions?

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  1. Quartino

    1. If you want to stick with Spanish tapas, Emilio's Sol y nieve. When I was there recently there were a number of large groups.

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        For Spanish tapas, I'll second Emilio's Sol y Nieve; it's a great choice, and it's very close to Navy Pier. We have some other good tapas spots - notably Café Iberico and Mercat a la Planxa - but both are a mile away.

        For other small plates places, I'll second the choices of Sable (American) and Quartino (Italian), and also add GT Fish & Oyster (seafood). All are further from Navy Pier than Sol y Nieve, but closer than Café Iberico and Mercat.

      2. My favorite venue near Wrigley that would fit what you are describing would be a fairly new restaurant called Bites Asian Tapas. They have a wonderful outdoor patio if the weather cooperates, but also a beautiful indoor space; they should be able to easily accommodate your party. The food is Asian fusion and served tapas style, so perfect for a group. Prices are quite reasonable, the food is mostly delicious and the staff and owners are so friendly. There is also a nice beverage program with sangria, cocktails, wine and a variety of Asian as well as US craft beers. The venue really has a fun, upbeat vibe.

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        1. re: Gonzo70

          If you want a true Bachelorette party vibe near Wrigley Field, THE place is the Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club! (I haven't searched, but it might be the first time this spot is mentioned on Chowhound ;) It is not a foodie destination, but rather a very 90's venue with tall food and dozens of flavored martinis, plus drag queens lip-synching to diva tunes.

          What exactly is your budget per person, for food, before tax (9.75-10.75% where you describe) and tip? Any preferred ambiance or cuisines or beverages? Given that Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba is over two miles from both Wrigley Field and Navy Pier, is it that you wish to be in between but not necessarily walking distance to either location? If so, there are hundreds of options, so answering some other questions will help us give you a more precise answer.

          In the meantime, I would recommend checking with Mercadito or Tavernita (they are sister properties) for a reservation, and examining their sharing menus. A friend hosted a group Birthday dinner at Mercadito last August, and it was a large amount of tasty food, at reasonable prices, in a festive environment, with fun cocktails.