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Dinner party for 12 suggestions...

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Need suggestions for 40th birthday party. Below 23rd street preferred east or west. 12 people. Any cuisine other than Asian. Italian or Mediterranean preferred. Looking for family style or party menu around $80pp not including liquor. Any rec's? good food a must/nice ambience

Thanks in advance

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  1. a little further north than 23rd but try The Breslin for their large format dinners. Good food, good time for all!


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      Rosette (great private room downstairs)
      Saxon & Parole
      Momofuku Ssam Bar has two Bo Ssam prix fixe menus for groups 10+ - http://momofuku.com/wp-content/upload... - they also do large-format ribeyes, though availability for groups 6+ is limited.
      Ma Peche - Lamb + Rice or Chicken + Rice large-format feasts.
      Resto - whole animal feasts, prices vary by animal - http://www.restonyc.com/feasts

      If you're willing to hit the outer boroughs, there are great party options at Roberta's.

      1. Where did you end up after your previous 6-8 requests for large group meal recommendations?

        I have noticed that you never report back.

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            wow, that's more than a little brusque, 33; unwarranted and ungrateful, I'd say.

            [Edit: you've fiddled with your initial response to make it more anodyne; sgordon answers more levelly than I (responding to your revision), but with the same point.]

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                Kathryn has a point. Seems like every year sometime between July and September you ask the same question, but you never report back. Kind of be easier to help if we knew what you liked / didn't like about the places you went before.

                Kathryn asked you a simple question. Your only response was "ok" with no explanation - kind of off-putting, not exactly making people want to help you out.

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                  I got the point! next time will write a review...you guys are a tight lil chow hounder posse (whoa!)! and if you do not want to help me out no need to. didn't realize you get 86'd if you don't write back. I will do my best to keep you chow hounders happy and satisfied..if I ask, I will then write pending I get the right suggestions.. peace