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Aug 15, 2014 11:51 AM

Dinner party for 12 suggestions...

Need suggestions for 40th birthday party. Below 23rd street preferred east or west. 12 people. Any cuisine other than Asian. Italian or Mediterranean preferred. Looking for family style or party menu around $80pp not including liquor. Any rec's? good food a must/nice ambience

Thanks in advance

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  1. a little further north than 23rd but try The Breslin for their large format dinners. Good food, good time for all!

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    1. Public
      Rosette (great private room downstairs)
      Saxon & Parole
      Momofuku Ssam Bar has two Bo Ssam prix fixe menus for groups 10+ - - they also do large-format ribeyes, though availability for groups 6+ is limited.
      Ma Peche - Lamb + Rice or Chicken + Rice large-format feasts.
      Resto - whole animal feasts, prices vary by animal -

      If you're willing to hit the outer boroughs, there are great party options at Roberta's.

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      1. re: sgordon

        Love these recommendations (looking similarly to book a 15-person dinner in a similar price range), and trying to get something at Public. Would love to try some of the others, but there are 4/5 vegetarians/vegans in the group and the other picks seem pretty flesh-oriented (I'll save those for my own trips.)

        Wondering if there are any more places in a similar vein that have more prominent veggie offerings... we had our last company dinner at Hundred Acres, which had lovely ambience, etc., but whose execution left something to be desired.

        Anyway, thanks for the Public rec!

        1. re: schwee

          Check out Roberta's, too - they have some great vegetarian options (especially among the pizzas)

          Also, Italian places are always great for "mixed" groups - there are always veggie pastas available as mains. Scarpetta has a full vegetarian menu with veggie entrees in addition to the regular menu. I'd check with Lupa as well, they have a good group deal - $79/pp for a four course menu. There aren't any veggie options for the entree course standard, but they could come up with something if you asked I'm sure.

          Lincoln has a small private dining room downstairs that would seat fifteen, though it's windowless so it can feel a little claustrophobic. They also do groups upstairs, too.

          1. re: sgordon

            I would love to do Roberta's but we need to keep it in Manhattan unfortch. Scarpetta and Lupa sound like good picks too -- you've got a fair share of stuff up your sleeve, ay?

            Public has offered a rez, so I'll keep cruising around but may go with that pick. The menu has a lot of appeal. I'll definitely come back around and report.

            Thanks again!

            1. re: schwee

              I don't know where Lupa would put 15 people. I think that's an impossible reservation.

              1. re: Pan

                Lupa has a back room that fits groups of varying sizes, and I've also seen them do big groups in the main dining room by pushing tables together.

              2. re: schwee

                Scarpetta will have the most options for everyone- be sure to ask about a vegan entree option, they have lots of veg choices but need more warning about a dairy and egg free choice.
                If your group is 4/5 veggies public only has one entree choice listed but may work with you to have a second vegan one as well.

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  Cool -- think we're gonna take this PUBLIC rez, but I'll keep these two in my back pocket. We organize dinners every couple months, and are always looking for a good spot. Just remembered a fantastic short rib I had at Scarpetta once last year -- feel like it was perhaps a little too buttoned up for this particular crew of boisterous film professionals, however.

                  my mom (jenkalb) would be pretty bummed to see me utilizing chowhound with this sort of event planning bent rather than focusing chiefly on the dishes, but them's the breaks.

                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                    thanks for the strategic input! I'll see what I can work out w/ Public in advance re: multiple vegan/veg-friendly options.

                    1. re: schwee

                      I think most people would be kind of bummed if they looked at a menu and had one option for dinner- which vegetarians are used to- but with 1/3 of the group veg they will be very appreciative to have any kind of choice.

                  2. re: schwee

                    Not so much up my sleeve as in my belly...

                  3. re: sgordon

                    sorry for the late response -- Public worked out really well in accommodating everyone in our party with their various needs. In general, I found the food to be pretty solid (we had to pick between several options on a prix fixe menu with a party of our size, and they worked with our vegans etc easily -- the striped bass was tender and well-prepared, albeit a bit over-seasoned for my palate). This place was definitely more lounge-y and sceney than the average buttoned up large group dinner would perhaps warrant (Reggie Watts was seated right next to us on a date, and the music was thumping pretty loud), but definitely a nice choice for the young speedy LES set.

                    wish i'd written back sooner so details of the meal were fresher in my mind! thanks again for the advice

              3. Where did you end up after your previous 6-8 requests for large group meal recommendations?

                I have noticed that you never report back.

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                  1. re: BLover33

                    wow, that's more than a little brusque, 33; unwarranted and ungrateful, I'd say.

                    [Edit: you've fiddled with your initial response to make it more anodyne; sgordon answers more levelly than I (responding to your revision), but with the same point.]

                      1. re: BLover33

                        Kathryn has a point. Seems like every year sometime between July and September you ask the same question, but you never report back. Kind of be easier to help if we knew what you liked / didn't like about the places you went before.

                        Kathryn asked you a simple question. Your only response was "ok" with no explanation - kind of off-putting, not exactly making people want to help you out.

                        1. re: sgordon

                          I got the point! next time will write a guys are a tight lil chow hounder posse (whoa!)! and if you do not want to help me out no need to. didn't realize you get 86'd if you don't write back. I will do my best to keep you chow hounders happy and satisfied..if I ask, I will then write pending I get the right suggestions.. peace