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Aug 15, 2014 11:31 AM

South Shore BBQ

I'm sad to say that Willie B is no longer with South Shore BBQ.

After the rave reviews from the New York Times, Newsday and many customers, I'd hate to see the quality of the food decline. Hopefully he trained the staff well enough that they can maintain the high standards they set.

I enjoyed the food that I had there. It was certainly amongst the best I've had at a Long Island BBQ joint.

Hopefully he's moving to another place and we will see him smoking elsewhere soon.


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  1. I was awaiting the BBQ championship cookoff next weekend here in Riverhead that I think he was running, along with a (sort of) blues concert. It was approved by the town in May but then I heard nothing. Guess this explains why. He is a really nice guy, I'm sure he'll pop up again in the near future.

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      That event isn't happening BUT there is a BBQ comp taking place in Cantiague Park in Hicksville on Sept. 21st. It has a People's Choice component where you can buy tickets to go try the ribs from any pitmaster you'd like and vote for your favorite.

      1. re: motoeric

        Thanks! I'll keep it in mind, although I was really looking forward to an event only two minutes from home ;-)