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Aug 15, 2014 11:13 AM

(instant) ramen on the Plateau

I've been going to Westmount/NDG to the Japanese shop to get instant noodles. I don't like Mr. Noodles. I do like almost anything else. Can I get non-Mr. Noodles instant noodles (nong Shim etc.) on the Plateau? I just want to be able to wlak somewhere to get my fix. Bonus if anyone knows where to get these: Thank you!

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  1. You probably dont need to travel that far to get them. The PA on fort sells good ramen such as nongshim 5-packs (not the ones in the link you posted though..). I wouldnt be surprised if the PA on parc sells them too..or maybe Eden in lacite. You could call the japenese and korea shop on saint catherine to verify the brand you want but I know they sell all the nongshim 5 packs included the black premium one (i prefer the regular spicy one).

    1. i'm pretty sure chinatown has nongshim

      1. Instant ramen = Sapporo Ichiban in my world. I think I've seen it at Segal's and/ or Sakaris, possibly Provigo at St-Urbain & Mt-Royal, and maybe even the sushi place on Duluth (Tatami?)