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60th birthday in Honolulu! HELP

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Will be in Honolulu for business but a colleague will celebrate his actual 60th birthday while we are there and we would like to do something special for him. Suggestions, Please. He's a pretty persnickity guy so it needs to be nice. We want to do this right. Many thanks. Dave

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  1. Deets (details) pls.

    How many ppl?


    Food or Ambience more important.

    Day of the week.

    1. 3 people
      Sept 7th sunday night ( getting in on Saturday could do Saturday I suppose if we had to)
      Food and ambiance both important but ambience (social sophisticated but fun) first with food a very very close second
      can go all out re. budget
      thanks for your help
      appreciate the guidance

      1. Play it safe with any one of our several high-end steak houses. You can always include an expensive wine.

        1. where are you staying?
          do you have a car?

          1. How about drinks and appetizers at the House without a Key at the Halekulani Hotel on Lewers Road in Waikiki followed by dinner across the street at Roy's, followed by jazz at the Lounge, also at the Halekulani Hotel.

            1. Can you give some info on what your colleague likes to eat at home and a suggestion can be made for something new, fun, but not too unfamiliar. Is he/she an adventurous eater?