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Aug 15, 2014 10:50 AM

60th birthday in Honolulu! HELP

Will be in Honolulu for business but a colleague will celebrate his actual 60th birthday while we are there and we would like to do something special for him. Suggestions, Please. He's a pretty persnickity guy so it needs to be nice. We want to do this right. Many thanks. Dave

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  1. Deets (details) pls.

    How many ppl?


    Food or Ambience more important.

    Day of the week.

    1. 3 people
      Sept 7th sunday night ( getting in on Saturday could do Saturday I suppose if we had to)
      Food and ambiance both important but ambience (social sophisticated but fun) first with food a very very close second
      can go all out re. budget
      thanks for your help
      appreciate the guidance

      1. Play it safe with any one of our several high-end steak houses. You can always include an expensive wine.

        1. where are you staying?
          do you have a car?

          1. How about drinks and appetizers at the House without a Key at the Halekulani Hotel on Lewers Road in Waikiki followed by dinner across the street at Roy's, followed by jazz at the Lounge, also at the Halekulani Hotel.