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Aug 15, 2014 10:30 AM

Looking for dinner recommendations

I am a former Montrealer now living in Ottawa. I will be heading to Montreal at the end of September for my university homecoming. I visited Montreal last year for the first time in 6 or 7 years and although alot of Montreal has stayed the same the dining scene has changed. When I was in town last year I took a nostalgic foodie tour of Montreal and have decided to scratch most of the places off my list and the only places I would return to are Le Paris and Estatoria Via Sou on Queen Mary. (FWIW I tied in visits to Bar B Barn - I'm done with that place - and Mr. Steer.)

So my question to you Montrealers is which restaurants would you recommend? I am planning on staying at Le Chateau Versailles so I would prefer to stick to downtown or Chinatown but it looks like there are a lot of good restos in Le Plateau. Recommendations in any of those three neighbourhoods would be great. I plan on taking public transit.

I would also like to tie in a dinner at Joe Beef - how far in advance would you recommend making a reservation? Is the day before suitable? Or a few days or longer even?

I also found out about a resto in Chinatown that looks interesting called The Noodle Factory. Has anyone eaten there recently? And what did you think of it? There are some reviews on chowhound but they are a little older... Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. You will be staying two minutes away from Kazu which is worth checking out (arrive 15 mins before they open for dinner if you dont want to wait in line). Also close to myriade if you like coffee.

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      If you go to Myriade, don't forget to try the donuts. They are my favourite in Montreal.

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        kpaxonite: Thanks for the Kazu recommendation - I actually heard about it from another board I am on and has gotten good reviews - I will add it to my list.

        hala: I'll have to try the donuts at Myriade. We have Suzy Q donuts in Ottawa - it's a local bakery that makes their own donuts from scratch - and I have become addicted to their maple bacon donuts. I will have to try the Myriade donuts for comparison.

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          If you want to try good donuts, you should make a trip to Leche desserts in St. Henri.

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            Leche desserts is ok, but I prefer the the donuts Saint Donut makes for Myriade. They usually have only 3 choices but the flavor combinations and the taste of the dough are more to my liking. OP is staying close to Myriade hence the coffee and donut recommendations.

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              Or the OP could try both, and decide which they like better. Not an easy decision, if you ask me...

          2. re: ottawaoperadiva

            I've tried Suzy Q once and found them pretty fantastic. I would say Leche would be comparable. I have not been impressed with Saint Donut so far but was maybe not getting them at their freshest.

            1. re: stak

              Thanks! It looks like I am going to have to do a taste test.

      2. I would look at reserving Joe Beef now. It's small, and fills up quickly,especially on weekends.

        Noodle Factory is good, but nothing fancy. If you're at Chateau Versailles, there are quite a few good dumpling places nearby, on Ste Catherine, which I would pick over Noodle Factory.

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          cherylmtl Thanks for the Joe Beef suggestion. I will call asap for a reservation. As for dumpling places on Ste. Catherine do you have any favourite spots?

          1. re: ottawaoperadiva

            Sammi & Soupe Dumpling on Ste-Catherine near St-Marc is the best in town, right now.

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              Although not on Ste-Catherine, if you can make it to Ville St-Laurent, strongly suggest Yi Pin Xiang Dumplings @ 735 Boulevard Décarie, between du College & de l'Eglise (closer to de l'Eglise). Their special Yi Pin dumplings are different than any dumplings I've experienced in MTL. I love to add a splash of their vinegar along with chili oil to the both the fried & steamed dumplings. And they have home made noodles (so good!) & rice dishes we've not yet tried. We go at least once a week (and they do have delivery - although not 2 weeks ago during the big rain deluge). I'm told their dumplings are quite traditional (the owners are from Harbin in Northern China & also have a restaurant there). They are also really close by the Du College metro. FYI, closed Tuesdays. Hope you have a chance to try.

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                BigHabsFan: That dumpling shop sounds soooo good! And probably a shorter commute from downtown-;) When I was in university one of my summer jobs was at the Sears warehouse across from Place Vertu and it was a loooong bus ride from my Pointe Claire home... Thanks for the suggestion.

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                  That dumpling place in VSL is really good, I started a thread about it here:


          2. My places around the Guy metro are:

            Qing Hua on Sainte-Catherine for soup dumpling (I think its the same thing as "sammi sweets"

            Kazu for Japanese

            Ganadara for cheap korean. I like La Maison Bulgogi for Bulgogi but I prefer pretty much everything else at Ganadara

            Cuisine szechuan for szechuan and kanbai for chinese (I prefer cuisine szechuan)

            I wasn't impressed by the noodle factory last time I went there. Wasn't bad but wasn't *omg I'm coming back soon* spectacular.

            Reserve Joe Beef now. Super long list. If you fail, reserve liverpool lounge, its sister restaurant.

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              Ré Joe beef... If both fail, get in line for vin papillon

            2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I clearly have alot of eating to do! My trip isn't for another month but I will let you all know how I made out.

              1. Wanna try something from the east coast in Montreal?
                Try Donair Cite on St-Denis. We serve the original Halifax Donairs. If you don't know what it is, i invite you to try it ;)


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                  DonairCite If this suggestion looked a little less spam-like I might be inclined to try your resto. In the meantime I will try out the other suggestions made upthread.