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Aug 15, 2014 10:30 AM

K*Town - Full Bar (and Good Food) Ideas?

I am separating this from ZenFoodist's thread to avoid taking that one too far off-topic. I've got these - are there others?

Chosun Galbi
Mdang 621
EMC Seafood

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    1. define "full bar". your definition, or the korean definition?

      Cuz Go! Pocha and Byul Pocha will both get you properly tanked on the cheap, and they serve smorgasbord of food. Line Hotel does have great shitters though... Tough call.

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      1. re: TonyC


        Shitters? Translation please.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          I think he means facilities to take a dump.


          Or I have no clue.

        2. re: TonyC

          Finally walked in to byul pocha last night.

          In trying to find this place in recent past, weve walked in to two other similar spots that were not byul but were actually good. We couldnt find it cause their sign is entirely in korean and i couldnt remember the address

          Now, if restaurant service is anything like a credit score, then they have excellent service, or like the car commercials say, "well qualified"

          There wasnt any service at all, we were seated and then for the next 20 minutes everyone was gone. I was tempted to serve ourselves a pitcher of their finest and coldest but then decided NAAAH!

          This place sucks. We walked out and ended up at manna korean bbq which was unexpextedly good

          1. re: fgrade

            didja press the ding-dong? like.. over n over? =P

            maybe share the other 2 "similar spots that were not byul but were actually good"? cuz manna isn't a pochang, and it's definitely not good.

          2. re: TonyC

            I'd define a full bar in this context as a place I can get a reasonable range of cocktails/liquor at, something other than whiskey + soju.

            1. re: ns1

              good point. and where they have a few whiskeys and a few vodka varietals at least (tito's, ciroc, stolichanaysa, grey goose, and mr belvedere for starters).

              johnny blue would be nice too.

            2. re: TonyC

              Western pocha & the other one i cant remember the name but i'll look it up. Ive read great reviews on byul but ive yet to have it so i cant say theyre better but they were good.

              Manna was good in comparison to other korean bbq, then again, in korean bbq, you cook your own meat and certain sides so its kinda hard to say it was bad, unless the meats are very very bad quality.

              We didnt ring the bell cause it was us and one other table which had only two diners. The lack of attention we received was totally not acceptable considering there was four people in the entire place.

              Our vote on this place sucking major ass stands.

              Yes, manna isnt pochang but we did get service, and that automatically puts them obove byul