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Aug 15, 2014 10:26 AM

Day Long Snacking Report

Yesterday was the day and since I recieved many suggestions I thought I should report back.Left the house with a list of about 20 with 4 or 5 set and room to improvise.And try places I have never been before.
I will try to keep this short and succinct.In order:

Larsen's Danish Bakery-Cinnamon Cream Twist-struedel style pastry with cinnamon & pastry cream.Fresh.Very good.Should have started smaller.

Biscuit Bitch-Bitchwich with sausage.Good-not Morsel good.May have suffered from the drive before eating.Moistened by the egg and sauce.Biscuit fluffy.Very little flavor in the meat.

LaParisienne French Bakery-Mini Mushroom Quiche.This was good but suffered from not being made that day.Filling very smooth and flavorful.Mushrooms tasty.Pastry was flaky.But kinda limp from refrig.

Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.-Disappointing.Chose Chocolate Mint.Ate later in the day.The cake was quite dry,the topping flavorful but tasted greasy,not like frosting.And it appears they try to bake the cake on top of "Oreo" cookie crumbs.But when you peel down the paper to bite in you get an avalanche of loose crumbs all over you and wherever you are eating. Not good.

Honest Biscuit-ButterHole-At the SLU Farmer's Market.Nice variety of biscuits including a Triple Berry that I need to go back for.Chose the BH since I was taking this home to share with wife at dinner.Warmed with butter it was heavy but pretty good.Not Morsel good.

Marination Station-Miso Ginger Chicken & Kalbi Beef Tacos.I should have chosen different place.The meats alone were quite good.But I am not a fan of soft corn tortillas and the Nunya Sauce they use is really overwhelming.Did not enjoy.

Mike's Chili Parlor-Cup without Beans+cheese and onion-Amazingly first time here.One chili with only variation being beans or no beans.No beans=more$$.When I was presented the cup the first thing I noticed was grease.Upon first bite it started out ok but then came the excessive(IMO)chili powder.Too much.Thank god for free soda refills.

Pinky's Kitchen-BBQ Brisket Slider-Basically a half sand.I asked for light on the mild sauce.Spicy and me do not get along.First bite-stale roll.Decided to eat the meat only.Not tough but not tender meat.And luke warm.Sauce tasted of tomato and heat.That's all.Disappointing.

Lastly-The Angry Beaver-Poutine.Having discovered this up north recently wanted to try a local version recommended by a Canadian.
I was only customer at the time.Different gravies to try so server suggested beef.This came to the table looking gorgeous.Fresh hot fries,Beecher's Cheese Curds,chunky gravy.First bite-SALT.And more SALT.Don't know if it was straight or too much in the spice blend on the fries but OMG.I tried the gravy straight-not too salty.Then just cheese and gravy-ok.Then all together-inedible.Boxed what was left.
Chose not to discuss with server.Probably wrong decision.

Lessons-maybe stick to one 'hood next time
be sure to have cash
beware the heat
parking is expensive
later in the day next time
Thanks for all the suggestions.

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  1. Wow, what a day. Sounds like the only thing that stood out in a good way was the first pastry. Too bad, but hopefully you had fun!

    1. Thanks for the report. I don't envy you so much now! Better luck next time.

      1. I'm feeling bloated and a bit nauseous after your report, bighound! EEERRRPPP!

        1. We're not worthy...
          we're not worthy...
          sounds like you gave it your all and took one for the team
          we're not worthy

          1. You are a man after my own heart, bighound, well played. I too wish you had encountered more to your liking. Very useful comments on Biscuit Bitch, which was recco'd to me by a friend. I chose to visit Morsel instead and thought it was so good I went twice. Nice to have that assessment further validated :-). Really sad you did not have an outstanding poutine experience. I'm no expert, despite being Canadian born and bred, but I think a vegetarian gravy is often preferred, FWIW.