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Aug 15, 2014 10:26 AM

looking for dinner in the Mission tonight (pty of 2) [San Francisco]

I am looking for a recommendation of a new restaurant in the Mission (Valencia corridor) for this evening. I don't mind waiting as we'll be walk ins....
I haven't been out too much in the Mission of late as we recently returned to SF.
I love Delfina, Berretta, Star Belly, Flour & Water, etc as well as all ethnic cuisine. Just looking for something good, and not an Emperor's New Clothes experience. (I was disappointed last time I went to Locanda, it didn't feel at all special, like I was just a number).
Any and all recommendations welcomed!

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        1. re: JonDough

          Nopalize reported a name change, shortening to Yuzuki. And a new chef with background in kappo cuisine. So removing izakaya seems fitting, as the cooking seemed more refined than the moniker.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thank you for the update. The website has not been updated yet. I agree. Removing izakaya seems to fit better with the style of cooking.

          2. re: JonDough

            Thanks. This is one of the few places I have been to - and it is great.

            1. re: weezy1074

              No problem. I would recommend Bar Tartine as well.

            2. re: JonDough

              Thanks for tip! Enjoyed a great dinner at Yuzuki last night.

              - special of the day: mushrooms in white sesame sauce (best thing I sampled)
              - Daikon Salad -- daikon radish and arugula salad
              - if you like pickles... Tsukemono house-made “Nuka” (rice bran) fermented vegetable
              - dessert with vanilla ice cream, azuki beans & black syrup, agar cubes
              - hot soba tea


            3. Had a very warm welcome last night at Plin. Open 2 weeks as of today. Slightest service misstep, too teensy to even think about resulted in a comped dessert (that we paid for as extra gratuity). Here's the bill, first four items stellar, plus peach shortcake. Nothing bad. Terrific wines, interesting and well priced.

              You can make res online. Staff said there's a line up outside at popular times.

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                We tried Plin. It was good - easy to book a table at 8.30, the day before and no queue on a Friday night. I should have known it was too easy. I should have turned around when I saw the 30" tv above the bar. This is an Alioto restaurant, it was transplanted from Fishermans Wharf. It was good. Our waitress tried, but she didn't know the menu....the plates were waay too small for the price, it wont last a year at those prices, or maybe this is the new norm in SF...w all the nuevo money the city is flush with. We tried the ravioli w the raw egg in it - it was stellar, again, the price is not on par w other restaurants in the main section of the Valencia corridor. The clientele was neither young nor hip, again, mainly tourists - ? the stafff, definitely didn't fit in w the Valencia corridor types...thanks for the recommendation... the food was good, though grossly overpriced. Next time I will listen to my gut and pass on the restaurant w an enormous tv. when does that happen in the Mission?

                1. re: weezy1074

                  I would say this is, unfortunately, the new normal in the City. In the past three months, I've been to Tosca, Urban Putt, Perbacco, Central Kitchen, Cotogna, Nopa, Zuni, Zero Zero, Trou Normand, 1760, Monsieur Benjamin, A16, Mozzeria, Izakaya Kou, Il Casaro, Waterbar, State Bird Provisions, Saha, Chino, Kin Khao, Coqueta, SPQR, Chotto, Wako, and Pizzeria Delfina. The cost for dinner for two at Plin was BELOW the median of those places. This pricing phenom is what sent me off to the Excelsior looking for lower prices and why I posted about Perbacco as a value leader.

                  The night we were there, the clientele was young and whether they're hip or not, I can't say. Didn't know that was one of your criteria. But this was after 10:30pm when the oldsters are already in bed. There were also a lot of industry folks. It's too bad about your inexperienced server. I guess we lucked out with Michael, who was very enthusiastic and answered all our questions or got the info from the kitchen when needed.