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Aug 15, 2014 10:03 AM

North Beach grille in Long Branch

I was stopped at a light on ocean ave and saw this place sitting sort of behind a building. Has anyone been here?

I still can't get why places can't post a half decent menu in the year 2014. Mark we need your help... : )

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  1. It's a breakfast place mostly. A pedestrian "Toast" if you will.

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    1. re: coldbeer

      yeah i gathered that much from the little info I saw online but the "grill" part got me thinking they might have some things to check out for lunch.

    2. This menu is about 5 years old, and even though the place has changed hands since then it has not changed much:

      Bear in mind however that most of the many breakfast and lunch specials are written on whiteboards inside the dining rooms.

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      1. re: equal_Mark

        I have been dining here for breakfast and lunch for years. The food has always been good and fresh. They have many healthy choices, such as yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits, and some not-so-healthy choices, such as potato pancakes (an annual birthday treat). My usual breakfast is the Veggie Sandwich. The DH orders the loaded salmon bagel. You can order just about anything, really.

        Though the menu did not change and most of the service staff remained (though they seem to be slowly dwindling away), something about the place is "off" to me since the new ownership (husband and wife team). They can't seem to turn tables the way they used to. The owners seem to be still green, shouting to each other constantly, even though years have passed. This past weekend, we stood in the door waiting to be seated. Every employee and the owners saw us, yet it was as if we were invisible. The new owner seated folks that had clearly walked in behind us. Just an odd vibe...maybe it's me.

      2. Agree with fershore - been eating here for years, very functional, when Gary owned it we liked it better - but the outside tables for a sunday brunch when the weather is fine is a great alternative to pier village - the weekday early morning (6;30 am) crowd is extremely interesting - former local mayor and food service owner and crew of about 6 guys talking daily events - very entertaining if you want to listen in on some local color - would be my third call in the area after My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach and Alice's Kitchen in Sea Bright

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