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Aug 15, 2014 10:02 AM

Tonic Syrup (concentrate)

Hmm, I wonder what it is about August that brings out the liquor questions...I notice another one just recently posted. :-)

Mine is about finding a local source of above-average tonic syrup--know one?

Most tonic waters (pre-mixed) are a little low in flavor and high in sugar. The liquor stores I've gone to or called all sell tonic water only.

Where might I find a really good-quality tonic syrup/concentrate in town? Would any shops besides liquor stores carry this? What are the better liquor stores in the metro area?

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  1. France44 has it listed on their website. You might also try Surdyk's or Haskells.
    Or just make your own, and you can control the sweetness.

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    1. re: Slightly Grey

      Have you tried making your own? How did it turn out? Any sources locally for the the Cinchona bark?

      1. re: ChancesR

        I didn't. A friend of mine made his own and said that it wasn't much different from the syrup that he purchased. Don't know where he got the bark.

      2. re: Slightly Grey

        The darker color of TomR's, which France44 has, is intriguing--we'll get some and compare to the others we've tasted.

        1. re: Enso

          Simmering the Cinchona bark will produce a dark colour, which is further enhanced adding the simple syrup.

          Like marmalade, if you will.

          1. re: SWISSAIRE

            Sure, makes sense. I'm not at the point of wanting to make my own. Yet, at least. ;-)

      3. I've seen the Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Tonic concentrate at Zipp's, Fall's, and the Kowalski's Liquor on Hennepin. Haven't seen any others.

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        1. re: jaycooke

          haven't heard of those stores, do you know how the price compares to surdyks? We paid about $16 total.

          1. re: Enso

            Sorry, I was not paying attention! Zipp's should be on your radar, though, they have a large selection of tonics and bitters and ginger beers and other mixers.

            1. re: jaycooke

              This thread made me detour to Zipp's on the way home yesterday. They had Tomr's, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., and one other that - if I remember correctly - was more expensive than the others. I picked up a bottle of Tomr's and am going to give it a try this evening. I was also tempted to pick up a bottle of one of the Minnesota whiskeys such as 7 Wells or Minnesota 13, but ultimately did not pull the trigger. I'd like to try one of those sometime, but that's probably grist for another thread.

              1. re: bob s

                Wondering how the prices compare...what did you pay for the TomR's? Do you recall teh cost of the JR?

                1. re: Enso

                  The TomR's was $7.99. I want to say that the JR was about $15.

          1. I seem to remember seeing it at Golden Fig in St. Paul not so long ago. You could call first, but it's worth visiting anyway.

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            1. re: latte4me

              They have Jack Rudy at the Golden Fig. I most recently bought it at Surdyk's, where it was cheaper.

              1. re: KristinT013

                We just got the JR @ Surdyk's also. It's nice enough, not a 'wow' for us.

            2. I can't recall the name, but Thomas Liquors also carries some.