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Aug 15, 2014 08:16 AM

Papalo Growing, Now What ?

I have had success growing Papalo this year from seed. The taste is really quite exotic. It has a nice plump crisp leaves with a totally unique but delicious flavor. Now the question is what to do with it.

I have been using it as a cilantro substitute with much success but wondered if there are any special recipes or uses.

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  1. I consider papalo a must in a Poblano cemita. The flavor of this herb pairs well with chipotle.

    1. I make pesto with it. Toss with pasta or top grilled steak or chicken.

      1. Chimichurri sauce

        Diced and mixed into scrambled eggs or omelets

        The "green" in an anchovy sandwich

        Dipping sauce for dumplings by mincing, adding with minced garlic, green chili peppers, soy sauce, black vinegar and sesame oil.

        ... Luck you!

        1. Thanks everyone,

          Spent some time in Puebla but sadly didn't eat one of those delicious looking Cemitas. Might try making one from scratch.

          Love fresh herbs and try to eat them in every meal since the season is so short here. Will definitely try using Papalo in eggs.

          Here are a bunch of other good herb combinations.