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Aug 15, 2014 07:55 AM

Anyone Been to Meat Eatery in Boca?

Just read a great review in PB Post. Anyone been?

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  1. A co-worker went and really liked it. I plan on checking it out in the next few weeks. It's a very small place with tables shared with the plaza.

    1. I've been and it is very good. I had a special of pork belly sandwich with homemade slaw (superb) and a kimchi aoli. The aoli threw me a little. My husband had a simple burger with onion crisps, and said it was the best he has had in all of Boca. I concur on the crispy onions. They were insanely good. I wish I had chosen my second choice- the blt. They prepare their own bacon and I think that I might have liked that even more.
      The restaurant doesn't really feel like you are eating in a "restaurant". It shares a space in an office plaza- which technically shouldn't bother me, but somehow, it makes the experience of eating there suffer a bit. If you are looking for an atmosphere to go with your food, M-E-A-T doesn't really deliver.
      The staff is very committed to the menu and are super helpful. The drinks menu (mostly beer and some wine) was excellent. Plenty of unique items to choose from.
      The bill- two sandwiches and two beers ran us about $42 tax and tip.
      I will return.

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      1. re: LETTUCEINLOVE

        Thanks for the comments.

        I have also heard: "Food, quite good. Atmosphere, very strange." from more than one person.

        I can deal with that. But can enough other folks in Boca to support it... that is the million dollar question.

        Guess I better head down and do my share soon!

        1. re: CFByrne

          Good question re folks in Boca. We went last night and did not realize that you go up to the counter to order. Saw a couple of people check that out and leave. Lots of people here don't want to go to a place where you place your own order. They DO give you a menu and tell you to find a seat and when you order they'll deliver. They also then ask if there is anything else you want and kind of do table service on that. There was a group of 4 people (older) who balked at ordering at the counter. They were waited on. Service is extremely good.
          I had the Juicy Lucy and it was good but I'd let them cook it to medium to make it more gooey. DH had a double burger which was too much and it was seasoned in a way that he didn't like - also said "it bothered him later". We tried to crispy onion strings - very good and the very good as well coleslaw. He had rootbeer on tap and loved it. I had a very good tasting (although big jug) merlot. One thing that threw me a bit. I saw someone eating a hot dog and asked if they served it with relish and chopped onion. They said they had no relish but I could order the sweet and spicy pickles. If I want a hot dog when/if we go back I'll take some relish. I'd go back (very very nice people and I enjoyed the food) but DH is iffy.

          One more thing - there was a thread somewhere about vacuuming going on at a restaurant. Well, wouldn't you know, a worker came down and was vacuuming the lobby. Very, very slowly looking at us all sitting there. We flagged down a service person and they went to tell him to stop. Manager came out and thanked us. He'll take it up with building management.

      2. Anyone in the area even vaguely into interesting food should check out this place.

        Chef George Patti has developed an ambitious and interesting menu. Lots of in-house curing / smoking / pickling etc. Plenty of duck, pork, sausage and unusual veg dishes too.

        It's kind of like an East Boca version of Sybarite Pig, but with more focus on food and less on beer (although there's a Superb craft beer list)... and a far more extensive menu.

        I'm not so worried about the business aspect, having learned that it is half-owned by the Marketing Company that owns the building. (Apparently, one of the officers became so enamored of Patti's Islamorada spot, they decided to open up this one).

        Yes, the setting is odd. Basically, it's the converted "coffee shop / luncheonette" you see in the lobby of certain office buildings sometimes in office parks. But it is easy to get over that... especially if you sit in the counter/bar area versus the actual office building lobby.

        I'm told they are doing a booming business already to the local office workers for breakfast and lunch...

        There's also a huge "ORDER HERE" sign now... LindaVH - maybe they added that to make it clear how that process works...

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        1. re: CFByrne

          Oh they told me where to order and I didn't mind but I did see people leave because of it. The kid (17) went yesterday and I'll report his findings although I'm sure he had a burger.

        2. I had a really good BBQ pork sandwich, although not what I would consider smoked pork as I know it. It has a light vinegar sauce on it but you need to get some additional on the side. Cole slaw as the side was good and I am usually picky about slaw. I don't mind the setup. Casual order at the counter is fine by me. Counter service was helpful for sure. I forgot about their micro brew sodas. I will return for sure!