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Aug 15, 2014 07:01 AM

Brooklyn suggestions for non fancy eaters

Hi Hounds! I'm coming to Brooklyn next week to visit family. Looking for some nice but not overly adventurous places to eat out. Everyone here on Chowhound seems to like Pardes, but that looks a bit...well...strange to me. No need to spend that kind of money when it would be wasted on me and my gang. Preferably Flatbush because it's one subway ride.

We all loved My Most Favorite in Manhattan, but we won't get there this trip. We always have at least one lunch at some pizza place in Flatbush (J2?) that serves sort of cafeteria style.

My kids loved Kosher Delight, but it's gone I understand, and anyway my son is on his way to Israel and Burgers Bar.

I will not have a car.

Thanks gang and good Shabbos!

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  1. Kosher Delight on Ave J is still open, the ones in Manhattan and Boro Park closed. That being said, I happen to like Chap-a-nosh on Ave M (and 1/2 a block from the subway) more.
    On Ave J is also Garden of Eat-in. It would work out well for non fancy foodies, its the type of place everyone can find something they like.
    More upscale would be Brooklyn Steak Co. or Wolf and Lamb also on Ave M.

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      Thanks! Sounds perfect! I think we were at Garden of Eatin once. (Who thinks of these names?)

    2. I'd check out Shnitzi too. Shnitzel on baguettes with different sauce/topping options. Locations in Coney Island and Boro Park.

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        Sounds like Schnitzli in LA. I've never been but my kids love it. I see it's on Coney Island Ave, not in Coney Island. Far as i know there is no longer anything kosher in Coney Island or Brighton Beach.

      2. MMF is kind of fancy and expensive. For reasonably priced kid friendly food, I'd suggest Chap a Nosh, Carlos and Gabbys (J and CI Avenue, across from Essen Deli), KD on J and East 13th, Olympic Pita for Israeli style food (K and CI Avenue), Estihana for Chinese (J and East 13th), etc. Off the Avenue M stop, there's not much fleshig, other than Chap a Nosh, although there are plenty of pizza places over that way (Benny's, Posh Tomato, JII, Chadash, etc.) For fleshig, get off by Avenue J and you'll have quite a few options, none of which are fancy.

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          Thanks! Actually the "kids" are my m-i-l and me. We both hate to cook and we just prefer less adventuous food. Hope I can still get those yummy eggrolls at KD!

        2. For Israeli-type food, rather than Olympic, I recommend Pita Off the Corner, one block from the Ave P stop on the F train.

          1. Aside from some of the other suggestions, I would check out Benny's on Ave. J between e. 15th & 16th. I particularly recommend their veggie pizzas, which are the best I've eaten anywhere.