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Aug 15, 2014 04:47 AM

Green Food Drink

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and have found that quick, easy fixes aren’t always available. Time has been a massive struggle for me and I seem to put my health last whenever I’m rushing around. The one thing I think which has helped me the most is having a green food drink on a daily basis. It’s super fast and I don’t have to have a fridge full of veggies that go bad if I don’t have the time to juice.

I finally found an organic one, which is super important because the chemicals in the non-organic ones defeat the purpose of trying to be healthier. I love it and find if I add in a splash of OJ it’s the best. Have you guys used it, if so how do you like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyC8F...
I think it would go with any juice, but have only tried OJ.

Super excited to here what you guys think!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stay healthy and how hard it is when you are busy! It's great that you are trying to find ways to do this, and I applaud you. But I really don't think powdered veggie conncotions are the way to go. The number of nutrients lost vs. the price of the processed product just don't add up. It's been shown time and time again that supplements,etc. just don't compare to getting the nutrients from the source. $45 for a 5-oz jar?

    Could you possibly wash/cut up some celery, carrots and broccoli in bulk and having them ready in a bag, so you could just grab some and take them with you for the day, with maybe some hummus to dip into? Maybe a bag of frozen chopped spinach (or other frozen chopped greens)...you can throw some into a container and zap it at work, eat along with whatever else you are having. These are just a few suggestions to get more veggies into your diet when you are pressed for time. Hope this helps!

    1. I generally make my own green juice every morning and then have amazing grass at night. Its organic and contains an obscene number of nutrients as well as probiotics, about $20 for 30 servings. The orange dreamsicle flavor is my favorite, no juice addition needed, just mix well with water or add to a smoothie.

      I don't consider a greens supplement as a replacement for any actual veggies in my diet, poor dietary habits are not off set by drinking this. But in addition to other sources of nutrition it can add a wider variety of vitamins and minerals than you would get day to day.

      1. A powdered supplement is definitely not the same as a fridge full of veggies. It's a One-a-Day vitamin (only not as complete) in a fancy organic wrapper.

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          A great fast and healthy dinner is frozen veggies in a pot with a nice jarred tomato sauce then either tofu/tempeh/soygrounds in or on the side and pasta, or put it all over a baked potato/sweet potato. You can also put up a pot of lentil soup for the week and keep throwing veggies in.

        2. I get tired quickly spending a lot of time on food prep. So, I'll give you my favorite health drink.

          Strawberries + water in a high quality blender for 30 seconds. The strawberry top is a leafy green loaded with vitamins and minerals. The bottom of the strawberry is tasty. You can't lose. This is a lot simpler than digging around in the fridge for multiple ingredients for a smoothie.

          Personally I hate juicing its way too much work. I've tried a product called spirulina that works in smoothies too. Though I wouldn't drink a pure spirulina + water drink.

          "I think it would go with any juice, but have only tried OJ. "

          Was the orange juice fresh squeezed or pasteurized? I used to drink pasteurized juice a lot. Now I only drink as a rare treat, because its empty carbs in my opinion. The pasteurization process is so intense the nutrients and enzymes are killed. Pasteurized juice will also spike your blood sugar which is bad even if your perfectly healthy.

          If your pressed for time I personally recommend eating raw fruit and nuts. It has high calories and you can take it anywhere. You can only drink calories so fast, but boy can I pack in the calories when I have a rough day ahead with nuts.