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Aug 15, 2014 03:52 AM

Tanqueray gin

Where can I find good prices on high end liquor such as Tanqueray Gin? We are Costco members, and their price is great, but I want a smaller bottle than what Costco sells.


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  1. Morelli's in St Paul usually has the best prices on booze in this town. Be aware of their policy on cash or check only. Their refusal to take credit cards plus their volume usually results in savings of 5-10% over other retailers

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    1. I love Morelli's, but not taking cards is a hassle,try Total Wines in Rosedale. You can check the price on the internet.

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        Don't know the name of the store, but the place on Lyndale and 65th has a sale on liters right now, for $20.99. Other than that, I find $22.99 the standard price...

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          Total wines has the best price on everything I've tried to price. Often by $6-$14 a bottle.

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            Thanks for this, and thanks to soccermom13 for this thread. I never would have known about these places. Total Wine has a ton of bargains worth the gas (for me in SW Mpls) to shop there. Making my ever growing list now.

            I go to the Office Max (Depot? I think it's Max, but I get them confused) a lot and it's right next door to Liquor Boy, which I've always wondered about. There are no bargains in that neighborhood so I'd written it off. Now I know better!

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              I second what MplsMary said---these are great tips! Thanks to everyone for sharing. I appreciate it.

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              Just checked the Total Wine website, looks like 1L of Tanqueray is $17.99.

          2. Surdyks is having their spirits sale right now.
            My go to lower price stores are Liquor Boy (in the same SLP strip as Costco)- fantastic prices, esp on some good wines- and Hennepin Lake Liquors, always lower prices and now taking cards.

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              meljohns; thanks for the update on HL Liquors - I don't usually go there because they only took cash; nice to know I have another option now.

            2. I have had good luck at the Saint Louis Park Liquor Barrel in Miracle Mile. Their prices are very good for their specials, and they have coupons online which is nice. The store is not large, and they don't carry some things (no Noilly Prat(!), for instance), but the staff are really helpful and nice.

              On the other end of the spectrum, MGM Liquors next to Whole Foods is just awful. Everything is at least $2.00 more than at Liquor Barrel. They have a policy of no large bags in the store*, and they take it very seriously, in a scowly, growly way. There is never anyone to help you find anything, and much of the good stuff is out of reach, on very high shelves.

              *This seems to be a growing trend for liquor stores. I pretend to be oblivious to the policy and waltz around with my large purse on my shoulder and reusable bag in my hand while acting as un-shoplifter-like as I can. I wonder if one of those Christmas pageant halos would help, or if that's over the top.

              1. Not Tanquery, but East Lake Liquor's everyday price on a liter of Bombay Saphire is 19.95