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Aug 15, 2014 03:04 AM

Tickets - Best Place to Sit?

I'll be in Barcelona with three friends in late October and we've already got a lunch reservation at Sant Pau, but we're also hoping to get a reservation at Tickets.

I'm wondering which part of the restaurant would be best if we'd like to observe the chefs prepping the food? From what I've read, some people recommend sitting at the counter/bar, but there appears to be several different rooms, so which counter would be best? And would counter-seating be similar to dining at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon or é by José Andrés or is it a bit more removed from the goings-on?

I've also read several reviews where people mention being seated at a table facing the kitchen and being able to watch Albert Adria in action?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. We sat at this counter for dinner and got to see a lot, including the famous olives being prepped. I don't recall having a say in the matter of where we sat though as the restaurant was quite full the night we went.

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      Thanks, Multifoiled! The reservation form has a box for special requests so I thought I'd try requesting a certain seating area. No clue if it'll do any good but it can't hurt to ask!

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        Very true. I'm not sure what that area is called though. You could just describe it.