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Aug 15, 2014 12:52 AM

Best base (onion soup mix, etc.) for a good pot roast??

So, I have some simple recipes I've tuned involving some red wine, an oven bag, flour, water, onion soup mix, a bunch of veggies, and, of course, the star of the show- the roast. Real simple- throw them all in, mush it around, ~2 hours later, bam, dinner.

The thing I'm realizing though is that the onion soup mix is far, far and away the weak link in the chain. I can use great meat and veggies, but the fact remains that Lipton's, Knox, etc. basically taste like cheap boxed powdered soup, and the results can be tasted.

What is a better alternative? What I can use instead of this powdered swill to make a dynamite pot roast in such a fashion??

Thanks guys!!

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  1. Please do not use the words "powdered swill" to refer to the key ingredient of my mother's Sunday pot roast. However it is easy to create an alternative - here's an example:
    If you don't want the tomato paste flavor, just leave it out.

    1. uh oh, my mom used that powdered swill and i liked it.

      1. I use onions, lots of onions and some garlic. I also slather it with tomato paste, which can easily be left out but which really does not taste tomatoey.

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          i wonder if a lot of dried onions would bring additional intensity because of the concentrated onion flavor?

          1. re: alkapal

            Maybe. The eight onions I use do a great job and lend a freshness

        2. I use lots of sliced onions and a tablespoon or two of Chef's Delight beef soup base.

          1. *hides in shame* ...I used that powdered swill and I also like it! My husband doesn't (claims) to like onions but this goes pretty unnoticed.