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Aug 14, 2014 06:15 PM

Ferry Terminal Farmers' Market: Saturday 2pm sharp closing? [San Francisco]

Hands down, one of my favorite things in San Francisco is this market. So bummed that I am missing it by about an hour thanks to my later than desired flight from New York City. We're only in San Francisco for the night on this trip because we are driving the coast down to Los Angeles the next day. Do the farmers linger at the end? Or are people in a mad dash to get home after a long day of selling?


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  1. some farmers markets levy a "fine" on vendors who are still operating after the posted hours. not sure about Ferry Terminal. would assure so. (true for fremont...)

    1. I just texted my brother who moved out to San Francisco from CT. He visits the market frequently. Unfortunately,the news is bad. They close at 2. It's a hard stop, sometimes even earlier. :( The Ferry bldg is still a must see he says even if farmers' market is not open. (Maybe return trip? Open Tues, Thurs, and Sat.)

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        Thanks so much! Saves me a trip trying to get there only to be disappointed. We live San Fran and will be back soon enough. Just wanted to squeeze it in if it were humanely possible on this trip :)

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          There are other farmers' markets open on Sunday, for example the one at Fort Mason has all the charm ( and just as much interest historically) as the ferry plaza at about 2/3 the price. Opens at 9;30 which leaves plenty of time to get to L.A. (Please, if you love our city, don't call it "San Fran".)

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            Also remember that Frisco is in Texas, not California.

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              If you're a merchant mariner, a longshoreman, or a Hell's Angel, "Frisco" is allowed, "San Fran" never.

      2. We sold at the FP Farmers market for many years and stopped several years ago citing exhaustion. By 2pm the farmers and/or their employees are so tired, for the most part the only people wandering through are not the cooking public looking for 'ingredients'. (my polite way of saying it's nearly all tourists looking for cups of coffee and chocolate covered things. If you have beets, meat, cheese, basil etc it will continue to sit on the table.) Many things are sold out. I highly recommend trying to arrive before noon at that particular market, unless things have changed dramatically in the last 5 years.

        1. Agreed, that if you don't mind dropping some coin, Ferry Building can be a destination even without the market.