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Anyplace to have a nice caviar serving with all the accoutrements (blinis, etc.) and some champagne?

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  1. I'm told Gary Danko but havent been

    1. Absinthe would work well.

      1. The only place I know of is Gary Danko.

          1. Michael Mina has a caviar section on the menu, not sure if service is classic or what.

            1. Do you want local paddle fish roe or real caviar from sturgeon? Local caviar has a muddy flavor -not a favorite.

              Go to a Russian restaurant? Red Tavern on Clement ST,SF $ 68 with blini. Call to see if they have champagne or bring your own if they don't. Nice red atmosphere but not fancy.

              1. Jardiniere has one of the most fabulous, classic caviar presentations in the city. Blini that come out warm (and will be replaced with more warm ones before you need to ask), creme fraiche, minced egg white & yolk, chopped parsley, shallot, lemon. And the mother of pearl spoons, of course...