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Aug 14, 2014 05:37 PM

Las Vegas updated

Still such a convenient place to vacation kosher. Ordered Shabbbos from Smith's Kosher Experience just a few miles from the La Quinta Hotel which is still next door to the Young Israel. Smith's still has a wicked chicken soup and matza ball, yummy buffalo wings (3 kinds), rotisserie (2 kinds), potato kugel and the rest. Still has the best and cheapest line of fresh Pareve baked goods (yes, pareve) fancy cakes cut in small square servings so you can get a few kinds for Shabbos and enjoy. And, of course, the kosher dept has everything else you need including a Mikraos Gedolos Chumash (long story there) and a good bottle of Merlot. Grilling fresh salmon and excellent steaks from there tonight. The steaks are thick and not too expensive. A pleasure. The Huntridge Soda Fountain is still worth visiting, but we have lost Scott and Jason so... Service is slower than slow and the prices are up a bit so that was disappointing. Jesus (yes, Jesus) is the new cook and he is extremely nice and hardworking, basically doing it all himself. The milkshakes are still the bomb. No lie. Worth the trip for that alone. They do need to think about service just a bit and prices. Sababa is still a pleasure, quick, efficient, nice service. It's Jerusalem in there. Paninis is not worth the bother anymore. Heard the new Nina's cafe is okay, but no rave reviews. We will try Haifa or Jerusalem Grill before we go. Nothing usually changes there. Had a great time at Zion and Bryce, stayed in St. George, Utah. Left the food at the hotel while we hiked. Then grilled the yummy Smith's steaks and ate them in the breakfast room. We do love Vegas, we have to say. Not interested in the strip. Red Rock Canyon, Springs Nature preserve, Zion, Bryce, even the Grand Canyon are drivable. Zion is only 2 hours away and so beautiful. Lake Mead is only a half hour from center of Vegas. Vegas is really about the beauty of the state of Nevada and Utah/Arizona next door. NOthing like it back east.

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  1. where did you grill in Vegas? Did you buy a grill in Vegas? What was wrong with Panini? I loved it years ago.

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      That's the thing panini was good years ago. We brought the grill from home in checked luggage and bought the propane here. We stay in residence inn by marriott a which has a nice outdoor space with grills of their own. Multiple regular guests pass by saying how smart we were to do it. The holiday inn in st George had no grill space but we set up shop in the outdoor space and grilled while the kids swam. When we r going somewhere without kosher meat we bring frozen stuff in the checked luggage. Buy huge potatoes to bake in the microwave, BBQ sauce, and canned corn and all is good.

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        Good to know. Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to going back to Las Vegas.

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        The residence inn is walking distance to the Venetian/sands convention center where the trade shows are. People do stay there for shabbos. We chose to move to the Venetian for shabbos as it's easier to get to the minyan. Minyan is only there when the salesmen arrange it to be. The casino is a weird place to be for shabbos but it's nice to hang with the tribe. Plus I think I mentioned that I prepay for my shabbos morning coffee and Danish at the coffee bean and tea leaf in the lobby so that makes me happy. All the stuff in there r kosher and there are 3 of them in the Venetian palazzo complex.

      3. I like the Huntridge Sods Fountain; there's no other experience quite like it.

        1. Ok we r at Nina's cafe the food is actually very good. We love the pizza. A small was enough for 3 to share comfortably and the fourth (me) had 1 slice. It's brick oven so awesome crust. Omelet breakfast on fresh baguette yummy came with fresh not greasy home fries and Israeli salad. We loved the pasta. I had spaghetti with fresh garlic basil sauce lots of fresh garlic so if that bothers you don't do it. The marinara sauce was delicious. Ok so be aware that service is ridiculously slow. Yes we know it's out of ny but there things they can do to work this out. The waitress shouldn't b taking phone orders, the other guy should and a basket of bread and water should come right away. Occasionally I went up to the kitchen window to bring the food to our table when they rang the bell and she was on the phone order. I think I looked good doing it though and said b'teacon like a pro. Btw they charge a 20 $ delivery charge to bring stuff to the strip. That isn't great business sense as my husband and the other people at the show will not do that. They are open Saturday night, but you should call to confirm. That's big in vegas. Sushi at dinner only. Ok. We r stuffed. :)

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            A lot of business travelers are on expense accounts. They'll pay the $20 and just expense it back to their company.

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                Of course not, but neither is saying people won't spend it so it's a bad business decision. The answer as always is complicated.

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                  I guess. I just wonder when you have competition like the Israeli restaurants in vegas and some don't charge the 20, you have to question it. I wish them luck. I appreciate the taste of the food so...