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Aug 14, 2014 05:30 PM

Chocolate cake south of downtown?

Where can I get a great chocolate cake, preferably south of downtown? It's for a birthday, but decoration is not needed.

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  1. Macrina has a Sodo location on 1st.

    1. Columbia City Bakery has fantastic cakes.

      1. Cakes of Paradise in Georgetown offers a chocolate cake, though I must confess I've never tried it. I'm currently in love with their tropical-flavored cakes - and am addicted to their coconut cream pie.

        1. We ended up with one of the guests baking a cake, so we didn't buy one. But I've got to say that Cakes of Paradise looks very interesting.

          Columbia City would have been my normal first choice, but I've never been moved by their cakes. Pastries and breads, yes. Just not the cakes.