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Aug 14, 2014 05:09 PM

where have all the chinese (restaurants) gone in westchester?

Just tried the chinese over by h-mart for the first time in many years,really made me miss good (even decent) chinese that used to be do-able all around the county, are there any good (preferably) take-out around any more? I'm in New Rochelle,so lower westchester preferred

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  1. Sorry, I find everything in the food court at h Mart Disgusting! Sorry, You just have to go to Chinatown.

    1. Central Seafood is very good on Central Avenue(in the strip mall with Best Buy in Hartsdale), and just south of there, also in Hartsdale on Central Avenue, is Fantasy Cuisine, also very good. Central Seafood is Cantonese, and Fantasy Cuisine is more Hunan. Both are frequented by large Chinese clientele.

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      1. re: roxlet

        Thanks! Nice to know. I'll give them a try. We've been doing Aberdeen for Dim Sum, but is pales in comparison to Chinatown. :)

        1. re: DWeiss

          I'm not sure anything will live up to the breadth and depth of Chinatown, but our Chinese friends who live in Scarsdale introduced us to Central Seafood, which is their local go-to.

      2. Not quite lower Westchester, but Imperial Wok on Route 22 in North White Plains is good for Sichuan food, probably your best bet for it in the entire county.

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        1. re: kdgchow

          We were actually taken there for dinner by our Chinese friends when I said I like Sichuan food, but I might actually like Fantasy Cuisine more, which opened after we were taken to Imperial Wok. I loved the beef roll they ordered there. It was fabulous.

          1. re: kdgchow

            I used to love this place and still want to. BUT the last few times we went it seemed depressing. Upstairs or downstairs were both empty, stained ceiling tiles, slow service & food was so-so at best. We find when we order it in it's great but eating there is just off. any thoughts?

            1. re: cubanat

              It was empty-ish when we went, and I really wasn't that focused on the decor.

              Fantasy Cuisine on Central has really nice decor -- not like an old-timey Chinese restaurant, but sort of modern and cool.