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Aug 14, 2014 04:55 PM

missing Kate Mantilini.....

Now that Kate Mantinlini is closed where are people going instead?

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  1. Forest Lawn...j/k. So many migrated when Hamlet Sunset closed (not that there weren't lots of people that went to both), I'm curious as well.

    Need to talk to my friend Jim who worked 35 years for the family.

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      Just spoke with my friend and he said while most of his regulars haven't found a replacement, many are going to Craig's and Café D'Etoile. Haven't been to either, so just passing along the info.

      Don't want to provide the links here, because they aren't just about food, but check out Alison Martino (Al Martino's daughter) on FB. She also writes for LA Mag, has a blog and is a big fan of all old-school dining spots like the Hamlet.

      She was at Kate's the last 3 nights before closing and has some great pictures.

      Good luck.

    2. People are going to ... Kate Mantilini. The one that's still open. It's in Woodland Hills.