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Aug 14, 2014 02:16 PM

"Neighborhood" restaurants in Hollywood

I've been living in Hollywood (around Santa Monica/La Brea)for a year and I'm not excited by the food in the area. I'm looking for casual, weeknight spots where I can get a fairly inexpensive, but good meal. I've been to Bludso's more times than I can count...

Any recommendations?

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  1. a couple I know goes here several times a week

    I like the pikey on sunset for fish and chips/burgers etc...not super cheap but good...and traktir

    and Greenblatts (sunset and Fairfax-ish) is a staple for the turkey dinner and wines/beers, and I've been known to dabble in some pastrami.

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      I'll second the Pikey recommendation and give a strong endorsement to the vinegar chicken, it's must try item.

      If you go for brunch their curry bloody mary should def be imbibed.

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        Della Terra looks nice. But $20 for a Bolognese? $26 for Spaghetti alla Vongole?

        I'll fly to Tuscany, thanks very much.

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          yeah sounds pricy. my neighbors that love it are senior citizens/retirees...there must be something else, ie specials during the week or something...they rave about it and the family runned care they get there and massive portions including to take home.

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            I actually just checked their lunch menu, and the prices are identical to dinner!

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              Thanks for doing the legwork. What Italian do u like in hw?

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                You'll notice there's no Italian on my list. :-(

                Plenty of pizza now, but for primi and secondi, slim pickin's. I've never liked Fabiolus. Ca' Brea was passable back in the day, likewise Caffe Angeli. Vivoli Cafe was good briefly, but fell off. Trastavere at Hollywood and Highland doesn't totally suck in every way. Miceli's has one or two simple dishes I like when I'm in a mood to bear singing waiters. Rainbow Bar 'n' Grill. But "real" Italian, I haven't found.

                New-ish Travertine scares me with its J├Ąger shots vibe.

                Place on La Brea I've been meaning to try, Cafe Verona, looks promising. Anyone been?


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                  Yeah I go elsewhere too for Italian Jess. That joint up in laurel canyon used to be "ok"

      2. Pa Ord Noodle on Sunset and La Brea, while not as good as the original, is still solid and quite inexpensive.

        Grandma's Deli near Sunset and Poinsettia has a number of prepared Russian dishes (stuffed cabbage, various fishes, salads, etc) that are often delicious. This is a deli not a restaurant.

        For greasy spoon chinese, I hit up Hoy's Wok also near Sunset and La Brea.

        For ramen, I really like the spicy miso at Chibiscus on Sunset and Martel. Shin-Ya (formerly Ikemen) on La Brea and Hollywood Blvd is also pretty good.

        I eat at the mexican food truck (King of the Grill) on Sunset and La Brea at least once a week. Though the tacos can't rival some of the best in town, they're still pretty good and the price is right.

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        1. re: onelabne

          I really want to like King of the Grill, it's a few blocks from me. I've found everything to be bland and literally lukewarm (I could go on for hours about the horrors of cheese-that-is-not-even-slightly-melted.)

          What do you like there?

          1. re: jesstifer

            When it comes to King of the Grill, I should acknowledge upfront that I may be suffering from geographical bias since I can drunkenly stumble out my front door and splat my face in a plate of tacos in like three steps. So the convenience might be deluding me.

            My go-to orders:

            Tacos - I stick to chorizo, al pastor and carnitas. The carne asada and chicken tend to be bland like you say.

            Quesadillas - They're extremely cheesy, so be prepared for that. But if you need something to sop up the booze they'll do the trick. I take mine with chorizo.

            Burrito - Al pastor or carnitas.

            Their salsa roja and verde are both watery and lackluster. I typically take my order home and then splash my salsa of choice all over it.

        2. One other to add:

          Murikami sushi recently moved from East Hollywood to Melrose and Detroit. The fish there is good quality and they have reasonably priced chirashi bowls that seem to be the go to for most people.

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          1. re: onelabne

            Excited to hear they've reopened! I loved that place.

            1. Also, any happy hour suggestions would be greatly appreciated!