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Aug 14, 2014 01:57 PM

Moving to Amherst, NH: Looking for recs in Amherst, Milford, Bedford, Manchester, Nashua

I know there isn't much on this topic but I am moving to Amherst, NH next week. Looking for any suggestions on great little places to try, grocery stores, farmer's markets, really anything. I will also be working in Manchester. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A couple of things to get you started for farm stands in your area. I imagine others may have much more to add.

    Lavoie's - the real deal for fresh veggies and in full-swing this time of year. I think they grow all (or most) of what they sell right there on the family farm.

    Lull Farm - huge selection. More upscale and pricey.

    Also, adding Angela's Pasta and Cheese in Manchester. Great little shop for specialty foods since you will be working in Manchester.

    And welcome to the area!

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      I'd add Kimballs in Pepperell (just over the Hollis line) to the farm stand list - smaller selection than Lulls, but smaller crowds too, and at least as high in quality. They grow a few things that Lulls doesn't, too - raspberries, blackberries, grapes (the only farm stand in the area I've seen selling their own non-Concord grapes), a number of the heirloom apple varieties.

      Both Lulls and Kimballs carry Valicenti ravioli, too, made in Hollis. Expensive, and I'm not a fan of the sweet varieties (though I know many are), but very good. Flavors change seasonally, so right now is the peak of options.

      Haywards seems to be the most popular ice cream in the area, with two (I think?) locations; I'm a bigger fan of Doc Davis's, again in Pepperell, but honestly that may have as much to do with convenience for me since I tend to combine it with trips to Kimballs and my mother's farm in Hollis. Doc's strikes me as a little more old school, more likely to have rum raisin or frozen pudding than crunchy frog or Oreo blastos.

      El Tapatio in Merrimack is far and away my favorite Mexican place. I'm grading on a curve, mind you, but the region isn't exactly known for Mexican food, and everywhere else I've gone on somebody else's recommendation, I've been disappointed.

      Vietnamese Noodle House on Main Street in Nashua is very good when they're open. Speaking of Main Street, Martha's Exchange has a very good burger.

      On Amherst Street in Nashua, the invaluable Beer Store: I only recently discovered it because it's so easy to drive past without noticing, but they carry beers I had no idea were even distributed in NH, and their recommendations have been stellar. I have spent SO much more money on beer since discovering this place, and they also carry a good selection of cider if that's your thing, "gourmet" sodas, and meads from places like Sap House Meadery.

    2. Saigon Asian market in Nashua. Their Manchester store has been closed for quite awhile. The Lanna Thai market on Rt 101A is pretty good but Saigon Asia has a much larger fresh produce and meat dept. Saigon Asia gets fresh prepared food deliveries on weekends around noon. Only time I can get a banh mi sandwich.

      The Brattleboro VT farmers market on Sat is very good and worth a drive since they also have vendors with prepared foods (lunch). Makes a nice road trip. Recently went to the one in Norwich VT and plan to do so again tomorrow. Very festive and the Vermont farmers markets seem to have some great cheese vendors which I don't see very often around Concord NH.

      1. These are great recommendations. Thanks. Keep em coming. :)

        1. I live in Hollis, NH and there a few others that you should consider:

          #1 In addition to Lull Farm there is Brookedale Farm right next door. They have less produce options, but definitely worth checking out.

          #2 Hollis Country Kitchen is a great place to get solid breakfast/lunch. Nothing crazy in terms of menu options, but everything is solid and the staff is always super friendly.

          #3 The best breakfast in the area is hands down Parkers Maple Barn. I'm moving out of the area in a week and I just wen there for the last time to grab their maple baby back ribs + eggs. Just a heads up, there will be at least a 45 minute wait to be seated, but it is worth the wait every single time. They also have a gift shop next door if you're into that.

          #4 My favorite (and only as far as I know) Vietnamese place in Nashua is Than Thanh 3. From the outside looks whatever, but some of the best pho and Vietnamese dishes I've ever had, after having lived in NY, LA, etc. Also the staff is great as long as it's the family running the restaurant. Some of the other servers they have hired have been average to really shitty. But the food always makes up for it.