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Aug 14, 2014 01:54 PM

How is Rosine's in Monterey?

Saw them featured on TripleD and was wondering how Rosine's would be for a simple dinner one evening? It looked like a nice neighborhood place for a good, reasonable Italian meal.

Any thoughts from locals or visitors who have eaten there? Thanks.

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  1. I've had breakfast there. Good for a group for breakfast because they take reservations, whereas a lot of the other nearby breakfast places would have a wait and/or not accomodate a group. The food was good, but nothing spectacular. They are known for their cakes, which looked good in the display case, but which we didn't try.

    Large selection of pasta, but still I am not sure I'd really call the menu Italian...:

    On a weekend, I'd be inclined to try the prime rib dinner...

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    1. re: susancinsf

      Thanks susan, agree the menu isn't really Italian though TripleD did make it seem that way. We may give it a try, sometimes a simple spaghetti with meatballs or lasagna really hits the spot.

      1. re: curiousgeo

        Triple D's definition of Italian centres around Guy Fieri. How Italian is that?

      2. re: susancinsf

        If you really like prime rib, Whaling Station does it right. Most other places just serve reheated roast beef.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thx for the heads up. John Pisto deserves a break, but not happy about the prime rib.

      3. Its not really a "neighborhood place" since its on the main street in downtown monterey... And also not known for good food. However, great cakes.
        A five min drive away massaro and santos on the coast guard pier (not the super touristy warf) is a local favorite with great views as well as very good italian. About the same $ as rosine's. If they have sand dabs order those, same goes for fresh sardines. Plenty of excellent pastas there too.