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Aug 14, 2014 01:23 PM

Seafood lunch

Will be visiting Seattle next week. Would love to find a place similar to Anchovies & Olives for LUNCH. I've done some searching but haven't found a lot of options. We'll be having dinner at Dahlia's so don't want another Tom Douglas meal.

What I came across, Taylor Oyster Bar which we'll most likely be going as a "snack". Any help will be great !!!

Thanks fellow CHs =)

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  1. How about a delicious fish sandwich at Market Grill, in the market?

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        Steelhead Diner has a good selection of seafood and other dishes. I'm not sure I would choose them for dinner, but their lunch is truly good.

      2. Matt's in the Market.

        I haven't been to Market Grill in ages but always loved them back when I used to go, so hopefully Booklegger's suggestions means they are still great. But it isn't a restaurant like A&O--it's just a counter.

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              Five of us tried Matt's Rotisserie and Oyster bar in Redmond, ordered a whole bunch of food and found every dish well executed and enjoyable! Is Matt's in the Market similar quality?! If so?! No hesitation is suggesting it!

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                I'd say Matt's in the Market is several steps above Matt's in Redmond. Find Matt's in Redmond adequate, but not something I would recommend to someone visiting Seattle or trying to find something to compare to Anchovies & Olives.

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                    Doubt it. Really very different restaurants.

          1. Is there a particular reason you want to go to Dalia Lounge for dinner? If not, you could go there for lunch and then do Anchovies & Olives for dinner.

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              Reason for Dahlia is the variety available at dinner. We've been a few times on our past visits and love the option of seafood and steak. Plus we really enjoy their coconut cream pie and donuts. We're visiting with a HK guest and he LOVES to order up a storm of various items.

              We've been to Matt's and were overly impressed, as well as the new restaurant he opened after leaving Matts (can't remember the name) but that was even worse. To be fair, we happened to be there during the Restaurant week so it was super busy, not a lot of menu options and we were so rushed.

              Blue Acre is in our plans for brunch the next morning.

              Thanks for all the help CHs !!!

            2. After a long grueling traffic delay we finally made it into Seattle. Since we got to Seattle late we ended up skipping Anchovies and Olives for our pre-dinner and headed straight to Dahlia's. The food was pretty good however, not as good as it was before. Next day, brunch at Steelhead Diner. Food was pretty solid.

              Best surprise, Taylor Shellfish Farm along Chuckanut drive.