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Aug 14, 2014 01:07 PM

Karen Burmese Dinner 8/16 Chapel Hill, NC


Transplanting Traditions Community Farm is hosting a traditional Karen Burmese dinner on their farm this coming Saturday, August 16th, at 6pm. Transplanting Traditions is a project that connects local ethnic Karen Burmese refugees with access to land, resources to grow and sell their crops at local farmers’ markets, year round agricultural and business education, and a cultural community space for them to connect with fellow refugees and local community members.

This event is sold out. Is anyone from the board going?

They'll be hosting a similar event at Lantern in October at Lantern. I think this is a great idea and an alternate channel for our mutual interest in food.

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  1. I meant to post something about this earlier but couldn't find the post on my FB feed. This would have been a tremendous and relatively cheap way to experience some authentic food and get some insight into tradition and culture.