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Aug 14, 2014 11:37 AM

Bhurban, Pakistan - Grilled meats at Nadia

Dinner at Nadia this evening:
- Russian salad: a bit unusual "Western"-style potato and apple salad. Recommended by our waiter as it was apparently very popular with the local diners.
- Reshmi Malai Boti: boneless chicken pieces marinated in spices and cream, then barbecued. Very tasty and aromatic from being barbecued over charcoal.
- Reshmi Seekh Kebab: relatively spicy but nicely-textured.
- Murgh-e-Shalimar: My fave dish for the evening - chicken pieces cooked in lots of minced ginger and scallions.

Dessert: Shahi Kheer - rice-milk pudding: marvellous!

This place offers the best dining option for weekend vacationers from Islamabad and Lahore visiting Murree Hills. Nadia at the Pearl Continental in Bhurban is just a short 20-minutes' drive away, but worlds apart from the relatively more casual eateries in Murree.

4th Floor, Pearl Continental Hotel
Bhurban, Murree Hills
Tel: +92 (51) 3355700-34

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  1. Some lunch options at Nadia:
    - Chicken tortilla wrap
    - Shami (spiced, minced lamb) burger

    Best fries I'd had in 3 weeks in Pakistan ;-)