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Aug 14, 2014 11:10 AM

Where to get good salami and bread near Long Beach

New to the area and need to feed my crew with great food ;-) does anyone know a good place to source cured meats, great cheese and awesome buns? Staying in Long Beach, Alamitos Bay to be more specific

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  1. there's a whole foods by the marina that's pretty good (small by WF standards). there's a bristol farms spinoff called lazy acres that's ok, though their cheese and salume are nowhere near what it used to be. and there's a good hard-to-find cheese store called venissimo just off second street (looks like maybe that's now called cheese addiction)

      1. Find the nearest Claro's Italian Deli!

        1. Been a while. Maybe Santa Fe Importers? Two locations, Seal Beach and Long Beach west of the 710 (near PCH).

          1. Get your bread at the Crema Cafe on Main Street in Seal Beach. There is an Angelo's Deli down the street, but I'm not a cured meat lover, so haven't paid much attention to their selection.