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Aug 14, 2014 11:04 AM

Unlocking France's Secrets To Safer Raw Milk Cheese

". . . In recent years, America, England and Australia have discovered the pleasures of making their own farmhouse cheeses with raw milk, but it seems the French still have some secrets.

In fact, French scientists seem to have figured out the Holy Grail of raw milk cheese: how to make it safer. And a lot of how they do it comes down to how to use good bacteria to battle the bad ones."

Unlocking France's Secrets To Safer Raw Milk Cheese

A British cheesemonger wants to translate a French guide to raw milk microbiology into English. She says it has the potential to revolutionize our approach...
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  1. Thanks, Melanie -- I'm kind of amazed that nobody's translated this long before now!!

    1. I've been reading about cheese-making and its fascinating. I'd love to read the French manual they are talking about.

      1. "Safer" implies that something is unsafe.

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            Any food product if improperly handled has the potential to make people sick. It is simply a matter of what is considered best practice for a particular food product.

            Much like with raw cured meats such as prosciutto raw milk cheese requires a different set of techniques and greater attention to detail than required for those made from pasteurized milk.

            To my mind the danger from raw milk cheese is far less than that from say raw spinach but I don't see anyone calling for a ban on raw vegetables and salads.